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National Chairmanship Of APC, Abdullahi Adamu And Others



By Muhammed Yusuf

Last week, a section of the media was awash with the news of the purported endorsement of the former Governor of Nasarawa State and the Senator representing Nasarawa West Senatorial District, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, by President Muhammadu Buhari to emerge as National Chairman at the party’s convention slated for 26th March 2022. However, it is heartwarming to note that the presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, has boldly denounced that divisive and blatant falsehood. For some of us in the ruling party, nothing could have been more devastating at this historic moment in our great party than to foist a man in the mold of Adamu on us as the National Chairman.

APC was birthed by progressive-minded Nigerians who toiled in the trenches for the 16 years of locust, of Senator Adamu’s former party, the PDP, while he was having a jolly good time. It is no news that the man was a foundation member of the PDP, where he held sway as Governor of Nasarawa State for eight years before his sojourn to the hallowed chamber of the Nigerian Senate on the ticket of the said party. As a Senator, Adamu had only made the headlines when in September 2021, he granted an interview where he said, “2023 Presidency going to the South is wishful thinking.” Nigerians were alarmed at the man’s insensitive and uncharitable disposition to a section of the country.

The statement by Senator Adamu was even more nauseating considering the ethno-regional crisis at this time in the country. A man with such intolerant and divisive tendencies has clearly shown that he cannot be the ruling party’s National Chairman. Therefore, Senator Abdullahi Adamu is unfit to occupy the exalted office of the National Chairman of our great party. In refuting the lies of Adamu’s purported endorsement, Femi Adesina has sent a strong message that President Buhari cannot entrust the soul of the APC to the hands of an unrepentant ethnic bigot. Instead, the party is searching for a unifier and bridge-builder – someone with an inclusive mindset in the country’s leadership.

Therefore, it was surprising to hear that such a man could be considered to chair the party of a president who rode to power on the back of his anti-corruption credentials. We are sure that Mr. President will not make the colossal mistake of handing over the party to those we accused of looting our national treasury and bringing the country to its knees. We do not doubt that President Buhari appreciates the enormity of the damage such an unwholesome decision could wreak on our national psyche. Likewise, Mr. President understands the travesty of justice that would portend if he endorses Senator Abdullahi Adamu to sit as the National Chairman of the APC. Therefore, we are comforted by our conviction that President Muhammadu Buhari will not sacrifice his hard-earned integrity and taint his anti-corruption legacy on the choice of who becomes the APC National Chairman.

How could any discerning mind endorse Senator Abdullahi Adamu as National Chairman of the APC after his recent monumental failure with the National Reconciliation Committee that he was nominated to chair? Evidently, the party is more divided now than before Adamu was saddled with the responsibility of leading the Reconciliation Committee.

From Katsina to Rivers, from Kano to Enugu, from Sokoto to Ogun, and across other parts of the country, the factions in the party have become more entrenched with several litigations in various courts after Adamu’s seeming reconciliation. Senator Abdullahi Adamu has demonstrated extreme naivety and crass ignorance in peace building processes. At best, the outcome of the National Reconciliation exercise under his watch was a waste of valuable man-hours and the party’s scarce resources.

Moreover, there was suspicion by those who should know to the effect that the man would use the platform of the National Reconciliation Committee to transmute into National Chairman of our great party. Those suspicions have been Vindicated, and his incursion into the race has unraveled the truth about his clandestine agenda. Senator Abdullahi Adamu is an octogenarian who has become weak and wobbling. Those who are projecting him to be the National Chairman of our great party are unfair and unconscionable to Nigerians. But, of course, it is out of their selfish interest and wicked machinations. He is a stooge to be used to fan the embers of their inordinate ambitions for 2023.

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At the two-day working visit of Mr. President to Nasarawa State last week, Senator Adamu’s weakness as a result of his old age was quite visible to everyone. He could not join the President to many places and the few places he could muster some strength to appear; the old man was being supported by his aides into the car and alighting as well.

The man should be taking a deserving rest from retirement. As the party prepares for the 2023 general election, APC would need a man with stamina and agility both mentally and physically to take on the gauntlet of its leadership as National Chairman. Abdullahi Adamu does not fit the bill in tempers and capacity.

Furthermore, APC would require a man who will provide leadership at this time. Senator Adamu is in short supply of those virtues. He is known to be temperamental in his approach to issues. To every intent and purpose, therefore, it will be unthinkable for the APC to take an uncalculated risk of having Senator Abdullahi Adamu as its National Chairman. The man is not a good choice, to say the least.


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