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Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency: Chief Nkeweshe Kicks Against Elumelu’s 4th Term Bid



…Says It’s Rape Of Equity, Justice And Fairness In Aniocha/Oshimili Federal

The Owelle 1 of Onicha Olona, Chief Jerry Nkeweshe, has said that if “Hon. Ndudi Elumelu from Aniocha north contests and fraudulently manipulates the electoral process as usual and wins in the forthcoming general elections to represent the people of Aniocha/Oshimili federal constituency in the ‘Green chamber’, equity, justice and fairness would have lost their true meaning to the aggrieved Oshimili south, Oshimili north and Aniocha south of the same federal constituency.”

In a statememt on Tuesday, the community leader said that “amidst deafened protest in Aniocha/Oshimili federal constituency against Ndudi Elumelu “Aniocha north 3rd term” in the place of any other candidate from Oshimili south, Oshimili north and Aniocha south whose turn it was to represent the federal constituency at the green chamber in 2019 but sabotaged by Ndudi Elumelu’s desperation for power to the detriment of the unity/peaceful political co-existence of the people, he is again scheming for a 4th term as if it is his father’s inheritance.”

Nkeweshe added: “I want to appeal to the youth of Aniocha/ Oshimili to reject Ndudi Elumelu for his failure as our representatives in the green chamber and inability to have any tangible constituency projects apart from sewing machine, clippers, tricycle, motorcycle and fridge.”

He called on Elumelu to forget about contesting for 4th term and also forget about doing any political damage control.

“What explanation can Ndudi Elumelu offer for failing to decisively tackle unemployment and accessibility to him as our representatives for almost 12 years; the inability to address the gap in communication between him and his constituents as their representative is unimaginable, it is so bad to the extent that after election he does not pick calls or even return same.

“I’m shocked the way Ndudi Elumelu and PDP leaders in Aniocha/Oshimili “sleep at night when they know that due to their incompetence and compromises, hundreds of Aniocha/Oshimili children are languishing in poverty

“The PDP administration/ Ndudi Elumelu had only succeeded in mortgaging the future of our people with accumulated debt with nothing to show and no clear repayment plan.

“The question now is that, what has Ndudi Elumelu done for anybody in Aniocha/Oshimili federal constituency?

“And the obvious response is Ndudi Elumelu has not done anything. I have gone round and like I said, I was in Aniocha North and I asked them If Ndudi Elumelu have constituency projects.

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“I asked them to name or point to one constituency project that Hon Ndudi Elumelu has delivered so far. Before I could even finish asking the question, I heard a loud chorus of “no, no,” same thing in Oshimili south, same in Aniocha South and Oshimili north, but Ndudi will go to social media platforms snap projects from other areas and be posting it to mislead people and create an impression that he is working. Whereas it is falsehood of the highest order.”

“There is nothing you can point to and say, this is what Ndudi Elumelu has done for the people with all his years in government. That is why we are asking what else does he want by aspiring to go for the 4th term in the Aniocha/Oshimili federal constituency.

“He is not even accessible. That is one of the biggest issues we have against him. We don’t know him because he is not accessible for almost 12 years he only comes around during electioneering period to brainwash and deceive our people to get their vote with clipper blades and sewing machines in the name of empowerment,” he said.

According to him, the area needs someone who is accessible that they can have access to and table issue before him.

He continued: “Ndudi Elumelu, thinks this is the last election where he manipulated the system to the detriment of the people and imposed himself on us in his third term in 2019.

“An action which starred the hornet nest and caused so much disaffections among the Aniocha/Oshimili political class who have been victims of Ndudi Elumelu manipulation.

“Ndudi’s shenanigan behaviors broke down completely the mutual understanding between the four local government to rotate the Aniocha/Oshimili federal constituency seat in a single term bases.

“It is commonplace to hear of ‘mutual agreement and rotation’ among Oshimili south, Oshimili north, Aniocha south and Aniocha north.

“Why such agreement among the four local government in Aniocha/Oshimili federal constituency was frustrated, abused and jettisoned by Ndudi Elumelu and his lieutenants is beyond comprehension.

“For the Oshimili south, Oshimili north and the Aniocha south LGA who are principal victims of this manipulation, the mutual trust between the Oshimili’s and Aniocha’s of the same federal constituency would for a long time suffer frustration unless something bold and drastic is done about the imposition on the other three (3) local government in the federal constituency.

“Nonetheless, signs are ominous that Ndudi Elumelu is in for the worst and humiliating defeat in this Aniocha/Oshimili federal constituency since the inception of his declaration to aspire for that position.

“Let me quickly add here that not all in Aniocha north are in support of Ndudi Elumelu imposition. Hence, to say that some discerning Aniocha’s/ Oshimili’s in the state are brooding over Ndudi’s ‘4th coming’ to the federal house of representatives is stating the obvious.”

He vowed to personally sponsor one thousand youths to stage a peaceful protest across Aniocha/Oshimili federal constituency against Ndudi Elumelu very soon to educate the people about the way and manner Ndudi has been shortchanging the constituency.


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