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Present Day Politicians And The Problem With Yahoo Delegates



By Nelville Oborawhareyeho

The adage that “Politics is a game of number” is no longer applicable in modern day politics as it has become a game of money.

The delegates like Yahoo boys are ever ready to dupe and collect money from unsuspecting aspirants with the assurance that they will cast their vote for them.

They assure and make false promises to every aspirant that comes to consult and solicit their support, that they have won already, when their actual intent is the aspirants pocket and what he can offer monetarily.

They are ready to mortgage their consciences, the future of their children and that of the general public for few wads of naira notes, irrespective of whether the aspirant is competent or less qualified.

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Delegates have turned aspirants to their sugar daddies and Father Christmas that they extort money from at every given opportunity. “Good morning sir, I am a delegate” this is their new identity whenever they meet a politician.

These Yahoo delegates and their actions have the tendency of depriving Delta State the opportunity to have competent leaders, because the highest bidder are often times not the most qualified and like canker worm the activities of delegates has continued to eat into the system of government where competent and patrotic leaders are not given the opportunity to serve.

Most of these delegates say one thing with their mouth, while their heart speaks another. They often burn backwards like fire wood as they have no intention of making decisions that will improve the lives of their children.

Soon, we will have Yahoo leaders leading at every sector of our national life because they have the means to quench the taste of these Yahoo delegates.

Until party system change the narrative of given the mantle of leadership to the highest bidder, then our educational, health system etc will continue to deteriorate with no hope for the future.


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