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62nd Independence Anniversary: There Is Hope For A Better Nigeria –Akpowowo



Nigeria @62: There Is Hope For A Better Nigeria --Akpowowo

By Daniel Dafe

Immediate past Commissioner for Urban Renewal, Delta State and the 2023 Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Delta State House of Assembly seat, Ethiope East Constituency, Olorogun Barr Arthur Akpowowo Esq, has said that Nigeria as a nation has come this far and cannot turn back as a people because, despite the setbacks, Nigerians have pushed forward.

In a statement on Saturday to mark the nation’s 62nd Independence Däy, he added that “despite the many challenges, we still forge ahead as one people and one Nation, ”
saying “Nigeria @62, there’s hope for a better Nigeria.”

He said “this is the nation we call our own.”

Adding: “This is the nation where our identities can be identified with pride in our voices. And we need to keep this Nation together with hard work and sacrifice by doing what is right and what is just.

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“We need to encourage justice to roll down to everyone without discrimination of any kind as we’re all equal before our creator.”

“Yes, we must pray for our dear Nation to excel like others but, we can’t achieve a better Nigeria with prayers without hard work, sacrifice and faith. No nation gets it right through prayers alone. As we pray we work and as we work we pray. That’s how a great nation can be achieved. And even while fighting to champion a right course as people, we must make mistakes. And we shouldn’t get distracted because our mistakes but, we should get encouraged from our best so far,” the former commissioner opined.

Furthermore,, he said: “We must sacrifice for our country by replacing a failed system with the one that can work for us all. We must stand up to fight for a better Nigeria intellectually. We must prove to the world that yes, we can do it by ourselves as Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso once proved to the world.”

Akpowowo continued: “As a proud citizen, I can assure you that, there are better days ahead for our nation. There’s hope. And the impossible some Nations see in our nation shall be possible because in this world of ours, nothing is impossible.

“The road ahead may be stiff and rough but, as a people who yearn for a better nation, we shall get there.”.


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