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Gov. Diri Mocked Himself And His Government With His Unguided Statement About Gov. Wike



Gov. Diri Mocked Himself And His Government With His Unguided Statement About Gov. Wike

The ridiculous statements and unguided utterances made on several occasions by the Governor Douye Diri of Bayelsa State, can only be described as a sinking governor who is vision less and directionless without proper understanding of projects execution and management of public funds.

Bayelsa Advocates For Good Governance has lambasted Governor Douye Diri for the insult and shame he has brought open himself, his government, well-meaning Bayelsans and the people of the Ijaw Nation at large.

The self-centered Miracle Governor, who from inception in office have been chasing shadows with continues division within his own political party, the People’s Democratic Party in Bayelsa State. He shamelessly describes himself as a performing Governor, whereas, there is nothing to show for.

The only projects the Governor have continued to tell well-meaning Bayelsans which he is boosting of as legacy projects, are projects of his predecessors achievements while in office as Governors whose administrations had very little financial resources at their disposal, but performed tremendously well in many sectors.

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It is very unreasonable and shameful for Governor Douye Diri who have failed woefully as a Governor of Bayelsa State to have compared himself and his administration with Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State, who was given an Award as the Best Governor in Infrastructure by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Governor Douye Diri’s statements that a capital project in Bayelsa is more than three to four flyovers elsewhere only shows that he is jealous and envious of Governor Nyesom Wike’s laudable achievements in Rivers State.

PDP Governors mostly in the Southern region knows that Governor Douye Diri chances of winning his second tenure is below twenty percent (20%), due to his poor performance in various sectors despite huge monthly allocations.

So many of Governor Douye Diri’s appointees are so worried and disturbed, because they know very well that he has performed poorly in almost every sector of the economy of the State, except salary payment of civil servants which has been seen as the biggest achievement of the government.

Let Governor Douye Diri and his political leader know that there will be no second tenure for him, because Bayelsans deserves better than Governor Douye Diri who have turned governance to a shameful state like a pupil who is starting a nursery education.

Governor Douye Diri must account for all the arrears of the 13% derivation funds received from the Federal Government that was released by President Muhammadu Buhari to the State.

Thank you Governor Nyesom Wike for making this revelation which has opened the eyes of well-meaning Bayelsans.

The meeting recently conveyed by the South-South PDP Governor in Bayelsa State Government House was to look for a way out, because the Governors plans is to use the money to fund the PDP Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar campaigns.

“Governor Douye Diri, you cannot use Bayelsa State money to fund your Party Presidential Candidate campaigns. You should learn from your predecessors. They didn’t use State funds to sponsor campaigns for other people.

The Bayelsa Advocates For Good Governance will make an official letter to all the federal agencies, mostly EFCC and ICPC to monitor the spendings of the government forthwith.

What Governor Douye Diri want to achieve, is to spend our State money to secure his party governorship ticket. Members and leadership of Bayelsa Advocates For Good Governance will stand gallantly against such actions.

Bayelsa Advocates For Good Governance urge well-meaning Bayelsans and leaders of the Ijaw nation to put a stop to the misappropriation of state resources by Governor Douye Diri, which they must not be silent for the Governor to continue this evil.


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