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Yul: New Details Emerge…And Why He Could Spend 7 Years In Jail



Yul: New Details Emerge...And Why Yul Could Spend 7 Years In Jail

First, here are new details about the Yul Love Triangle:
(Source: a Live conversation between Sarah Martins who is a friend to Judy, Stella and Freeze)

1. Yul Edochie has been living in Enugu for many years while May and the children lived in Lagos.

2. Yul and Judy have been dating for many years before Judy got pregnant resulting to their rushed marriage.

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3. Yul and May have had a rough marriage resulting to their separate living arrangement.

4. Judy showed more interest in Yul’s movie career and contributed to building him.

5. May only became interested in who Yul was seeing or where he was living when news of his relationship with Judy went viral – says Sarah.

Me: Even with these new details, I still think Yul can do better.
Yul Risks 7 Years In Jail:

According to law, Yul is not a Polygamist, he is a Bigamist . As long as his first legally married wife did not consent to the second marriage, the law considers it BIGAMY.

According to Section 370 of the Nigerian Criminal Code Act, “any individual who marries while having a live husband or wife is guilty of a felony and is punishable by imprisonment for seven years.”

Yul’s marriage to Judy without the consent of May is a criminal offence according to our laws with a 7 years jail time.

While I sympathize with both Yul and May, I believe that May neglected her marriage and Yul committed a felony – now they have become objects of public analysis.

Solution: Yul should get legal advice as soon as possible before Obasi (Judy’s bitter ex husband) uses the legal system to send him to 7 years in jail.

My name is Charles Awuzie and I am just helping to trend #YulEdochie while educating Nigerians about BIGAMY.


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