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Lagos Excellence & Okowa’s Show Of Shame: The Case Of Housing Programmes



Delta State's Debt Set to Hit N850Bn, As Okowa Seeks Fresh N120Bn Loan

The trending video of Gbenga Omotoso, former editor of The Nation and current Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, showcasing the massive housing projects Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has deposited on various quarters of the state within his closing first tenure is another cause for Deltans to wonder why their state has been cursed with retrogressive leaderships from 1999 till present.

In 1999, a cabal of predominantly unknown quantities aligned with a partisan military junta to impose a ‘money-miss-road’ Governor James Ibori who predictably stole Delta State Government blind and ended in a UK jail. Since then, the cabal, desperate for power and inordinate wealth has sustained its hegemony over the state government in sustained looting of the commonwealth while enslaving the majority.

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So, while Governors in Lagos, Rivers, Ebonyi and other states can showcase remarkable people oriented projects, the tangible achievements those in Delta can brag about are how big the palatial homes they could build in their villages look like, the shoddy roads constructed to those village homes and the clannish projects concentrated in their villages.

The undeserving privileged clan gamble with Delta people and many are accepting their dirty games either ignorantly or out of greed and he-is-our-brother syndrome. In few weeks, the 2023 elections would have come and gone. Every sane Delta is aware that Sherriff Oborevwori doesn’t have the capacity and capability to govern Delta, yet gullible elites still run after Sherriff Oborevwori and Okowa for bread and butter.

When other states are bringing out their best brains, Delta PDP, the ruling party since 1999 is promoting Sherriff Oborevwori who lacks the knowledge to govern Delta. It is shameful that extremely clannish and greedy Okowa is borrowing to bribe electorates for himself and Sherriff Oborevwori whom he believes will cover up his looting Delta dry.

Okowa knows Sherriff is not a candidate to govern. When Lagos state is boasting of affordable housing for her citizens, Okowa is busy borrowing to host sports events that have no economic benefits to the state.

When Wike of Rivers state is busy building modern flyovers and good network of roads across his state, Okowa is busy borrowing to fund Atiku Abubakar and Sherriff campaigns. When Wike is busy awarding construction of flyovers and roads to Julius Berger, Okowa is busy awarding roads contracts to wheelbarrow contractors, like John Oguma, his front.

No one cursed Delta state. Delta people have chosen the wrong path and many are comfortable with evil PDP administration in Delta led by Okowa. Okowa’s administration is the worst thing that has happened to Delta.

Okowa’s evil administration will terminate in May 29, 2023. Delta elites and the common man must reject PDP at the governorship election that is few weeks from now. Those still running after Okowa and Sherriff Oborevwori should urgently retrace their steps.
Zik Gbemre
January 12, 2023


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