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Delta, Unlucky To Have Had Leaders Driven With The Vision To Enrich Themselves —Activist



Delta, Unlucky To Have Had Leaders Driven With The Vision To Enrich Themselves ---Activist

By Daniel Dafe

A rights activist and advocate for good governance and social change, Comrade Derrick Oritsematosan Agberen, has lamented that “Delta State has been in a precarious state and a shadow of itself since 1999, especially since after the rule of former Governor Chief James Onanefe Ibori.

In a statement made available to journalists on Tuesday, he added that “in all of these years of the reign and rule of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP), the state has “been very unfortunate to have leaders who are only driven with the vision to enrich themselves and neglect the people.”

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He continued: “A party that has ruled Delta State since 1999 till date now has no electoral value. The point however is that the people of Delta do not owe any party election victory but a candidate who is capable enough to change these long termed narratives of our dear state. We are not obliged to serve the greed for power or office of any leader if their desperation or ambition cannot serve the needs or interests of the state or what the leadership position represents. We have watched over the years, how the desperation for money and power has corralled Delta State into debt which will subject successive government into accumulated debts, hence affecting the level of governance dished out to the people.”

Furthermore, he said that “the standards of bad governance in Delta State are gazing at us but we have allowed ourselves to be clouded by fears to confront these leaders and party sentiments while the common people are suffering. From the discomfit level of infrastructures, horrible state of health care down to the collapsing educational system amongst others; it is a pity that this present administration of the Delta State Government, for over seven(7) years can not boast of revamping any of her dead industries if not establishing a new one to tackle the high unemployment rate which has driven a lot of her youths into various crimes(Yahoo Yahoo, Armed Robbery, Cultism) the girl child into prostitution and has reduced graduates in the State to tricycle riders. No doubt, the feeling of bad governance has caught up with everyone in the State. How do one convey the very painful reality of the people of Delta State without getting hard on the political system responsible for the plights of the people that has made democracy so untrue?”

Continuing, he posited that “it is a great risk for the people of Delta State to allow one person and a political party determine what is good for over 5 million people in a state. Governance today no longer focused on its core values; as to getting the people 100% involved in the decision making processes but are pleased to dish out whatever services they think is best without considering the people, therefore making democracy untrue and useless. We have seen are series of loans has been incurred on the State by the current Governor; Governor Ifeanyi A. Okowa, which he’s skillful at doing without any public engagement or information on the loans procured to the Delta public.”

He opined that “Delta State is in a disgraceful state in all socio-economic values/factors which is caused by having a government that has been propelled by greed, incompetence and lackadaisical attitude towards the pains and challenges of Deltans. It is high time we started interrogating these processes as it is out of place for a government through a party to preside over illegalities for over 24 years while the lives of the people remains the same without no improvement.”

He called on Deltans “to take March 18, 2023, so seriously by joining hands with a reliable candidate that is capable and reliable enough to manage her resources.”

Adding: “A candidate who’s competent, skillful enough to advance/govern Delta State and without being told, Deltans already know the perfect man that is best for the job. Let us be quick to put party sentiments, emotions aside or we will live to regret any decision we make for another four(4) or eight(8) years if possible. It is a rescue mission that every youths and well meaning Deltans must get involved to better the lots of her State.”


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