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Presidential Election: Datti Baba Must Watch His ‘Reckless’ Tongue



Presidential Election: Datti Baba Must Watch His 'Reckless' Tongue

I think there is unnecessary rascality being displayed by an ignorant running mate of Peter Obi. Do you call Datti Baba an educated man or a certificated politician?

This statement shows that he is not educated and he is an ignorant man. He is wrong to threaten violence. If President-Elect, Bola Tinubu, is not sworn in, then what will happen? Who will now take over May 29, 2023.

If he doesn’t believe in rule of law he shouldn’t have contested with Obi. The tribunals/courts are established to hear election matters inclusive of presidential elections.

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For a man of his status to make such careless statements, it shows we have many ignorant elites who claim to be educated. Because he was not declared winner then it means democracy should be truncated.

As noted by Emmanuel Ojameruaye,”That American blabbing as counsel to an amorphous NADECO and ranting about flaws in the elections is not a representative of the US government and not speaking on behalf of the US. He is a hireling by those who are opposed to the announced results.

His characterization of the process is wrong. Donald Trump challenged the results of the 2020 presidential election in the US. Yes, the Feb 25 election may have been characterized by some irregularities but I think the irregularities fade in comparison to previous elections thanks to the BVAS.

The delay in transmitting scanned copies of the results to the IREV is no reason to annul the outcome. INEC relied on the hard copies of the results from the collation centers in each state.

If the presidential election was massively rigged, Tinubu would not have lost Lagos to LP, Buhari lost Katsina to PDP, El Rufai Kaduna to PDP. APC chairman, Iyorcha Ayu also lost his state and ward while APC campaign director lost his senatorial bid and his state even though he is the incumbent governor of his state.

In any case, where did this amorphous NADECO suddenly came from? This must be a fabricated NADECO using the name to seek cheap relevance. The real NADECO we use to know by it’s actions and legacy seems dead and buried.

A NADECO that has been close mouthed in all the failed governance under President Mohammadu Buhari, a NADECO that has not been heard over the choking effects of naira swap, fuel robbery on Nigeria and sundry hardships the people face under Buhari has suddenly won a contract to hire a white counsel to fight perceived rigging of election in Nigeria, and doing so through press conferences in the US. Nobody is impressed.

Let us be fair to APC. Tinubu has extended an olive branch and has promised to form a government of national unity. The losers should embrace him in the interest of peace and the nation.

There is a saying that, “You broke it, you fix it”. Buhari/APC has “broken” the country, perhaps God wants Tinubu/APC to fix it. Are we prepared for the fallout if the election is annulled or some other candidate is announced the winner?”.

Datti Baba warning Buhari that Tinubu should not be sworn-in on May 29, 2023 is unthoughtful, reckless, barbaric. What does he want? The aggrieved candidates should approach the tribunals/courts to resolve their grievances and asking President Buhari and Chief Justice of Nigeria not to swear-in Tinubu is dangerous.

His political ambition shouldn’t override the interest of majority of Nigerians. What a selfish man is Datti Baba? For him to state this in a national television is evidence that he lacks capacity to hold any appointed/elective public office.

Former president Goodluck Jonathan once said that his political ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigeria. Political aspiration taking too far by Datti Baba. He and his principal must stop being so sanctimonious as if they came from heaven to contest the election.

Zik Gbemre
March 25, 2023


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