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Okowa, A Sadist Start To Finish: A Cry For Ughievwen Model Primary School, Otu-Jeremi



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It is a fad among governors exiting office to fabricate a catchphrase or slogan in self-glorification to exaggerate how well they finished their stewardship of governance.

In a survey to determine past governors who came up with the most catchy closing slogan, former Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta who claimed he left “Finishing Strong” should likely be placed in the front role. Deltans know better if Uduaghan lived up to “Finishing Strong”, but clearly the concern here is not about Uduaghan.

Apparently copying from his predecessor, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa who leaves office tomorrow, 29th May, 2023, in a case of good riddance to bad rubbish, has been shouting with his bell ringers that he is leaving a “Strong Delta”. How callous?

Even Okowa knows the most apt slogan to qualify his shambolic administration is “Sadist Start to Finish”. Okowa would be remembered as the most callous of a governor who loved to see the masses of Delta suffer the extreme deprivations he subjected them while appropriating the commonwealth.

To find expressions of Okowa as “Sadist Start to Finish”, I implore any Deltan who cares as much for the common good to visit Ughievwen Model Primary School, Otu-Jeremi, headquarters of Ughelli South Local Government.

Well over six weeks of resumption into current academic term, pupils have been forced to remain at home, denied studies while their counterparts in other schools could have covered half their workload for the term if public schools teacher were committed to duty.

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And what are the sins of the UMPS pupils? Absolutely nothing. They are being denied studies because Okowa’s government chose to callously execute a thieving renovation contract in the school on resumption of pupils.

How many weeks are in a term in the Delta School Calendar that pupils of UMPS are being made to remain at home for so long with no clear timeline on when the racket of a renovation contract will end, may be it will last for the entire term.

For two three weeks schools were on holidays, Okowa couldn’t mobilize contractors to renovate the school. What has the contractor being doing? They waited on children of the poor to resume before moving in to de-roof and start reroofing and making other facelift on the school.

Yes, we say children of the poor because Okowa would not be that callous over UMPS if his children or children and wards of his public office holders in his administration were studying at the school. By appropriating the commonwealth, they deliberately impoverish the masses of Delta. Now they don’t want their children to get education too.

And painfully so, because the head is bad, the body must be bad too, in this instance. How do you explain it, the UMPS ground also host office of the Local Education Authority and with Jeremi as headquarters of Ughelli South LG, the council Chairman, Dr Koffi cannot also claim ignorance of the plight of pupils in that school. They are all unfeeling as if denying pupil’s studies is a normal thing to do.

Overall, all of these shows Okowa have been a wicked and irresponsible governor. The greater pain is that he will be handing over to self to continue a third term through placeholders, Sherriff Oborevwori.

All is not well with Delta at the moment at all. Okowa is a Sadist Start to Finish:

Zik Gbemre

May 28, 2023


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