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Resurrecting A Dead Class Of 99 Govs: Even Tinubu Doesn’t Mean Well For Nigeria



Tinubu Should Expand His Initiative Beyond Palliative

President Bola Tinubu must be so excited about the emergent Association of the CLASS OF 1999 GOVERNORS.

Since he took charge at the helms of federal government, members of this ’99 Class, he included, have been parading the Presidential Villa.qe The group, dominated by political rejects over their misconducts at their prime in public office, have suddenly regained their voices, winning media prominence under the Tinubu’s led administration.

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We hear Chief James Ibori is Vice Chancellor of the Class of 1999 Governors. He has found a new office and designation after being in the cooler from UK jail for confessing to self-appropriating the commonwealth of Delta state.

Tinubu is gaining presidential prominence for opening his arms to the bad and the ugly much more than the good since assuming office. He seems to have forgotten his promises to Nigerians. It may be too early to judge him but he hasn’t started well as a president as expected against the cheers from the ignorant or those deliberately singing his praises for personal favours.

Under the increasing high cost of living in Nigeria, whatever price of commodity that jumps up never comes down. Tinubu promised to alleviate sufferings of the common man, but he is gradually losing touch with that common man as the harsh impact of his impulsive, wishful decisions aggravate the woes of the poor.

The president is losing grip on the economy and we hear he is likely to appoint failed politicians, including those from the shameless Class of ’99 into much anticipated cabinet he is yet reluctant to publicly declare.

Truth be said, nothing to clap for Tinubu in his few weeks as president. All we know is that his excitement as a President/Commander-In-Chief and now Chairman of ECOWAS and bonifide member of the suddenly famed Class of 1999 is to him an achievement when Nigerians are suffering untold hardships.

His palliative for fuel subsidy, same handout sharing Buhari did, is not what Nigerians need at the moment. Nigerians need a functional federal government and not jamboree of Class of 1999.

Nigerians are hungry and inflation is biting hard and for the first time in the history of Nigeria, the British Pounds exchange for the Naira has crossed over 1000 and still rising. The jamboree and feast of Class of 1999 is uncalled for.

The so-called Class of 1999 is a failure. If the governors elected in 1999 were responsible politicians, Nigeria would have been like Dubai – United Arab Emirates and Doha – Qatar. For Tinubu to be reuniting with this failed past governors and hobnobbing with violent militants and oil thieves is evidence that he has started badly and not focused.

Nothing to celebrate with these bunch of failures. Are the Class of ’99 Governors not ashamed that Nigeria has been set backwards by their reckless past looting of the nation’s commonwealth? This Class of 1999 are nothing but disgrace to their respective states they governed and a national shame that the President gives them much prominence in his administration.

The jamboree for this Class of 1999 is unreasonable. It is a pointer that nothing in sight suggests Tinubu is on the right lane to improve the Nigerian economy. He is only busy reuniting and regrouping with looters.

Tinubu should understand that Nigerians are hungry and living in abject poverty. He should embrace reality and stop all of these frivolous activities and face-saving governance. No one is interested in his Class of 1999 looters. We need improved economy and inflation vigorously controlled where staple food prices will be affordable by the common man.

He was not forced to be president and there shall be no excuse not to deliver. Tinubu should concentrate on good governance where government institutions will be functional and made to stabilise the country, ensure law and order, safety of lives and property and food on the table for the majority poor.

The challenge ahead of him is huge and he is in the driver seat to deliver. Nigerians need action and not sweet oratory or showmanship.

Zik Gbemre

July 17, 2023

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