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Why David Umahi Will Not Achieve Much As Minister Of Works –Reno Omokri



Why David Umahi Will Not Achieve Much As Minister Of Works --Reno Omokri

By Daniel Dafe

Former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri, has said that David Umahi will not achieve much as Minister of Works, saying “at best, he will be mediocre.”

Reno Omokri made this assertion in a post on X on Monday.

According to him, he said this was “”because he has lost the respect of his ministry workers.”

He continued: “How can you come to work on time, lock out latecomers, and they start a protest, lock you in, and you beg them? They can NEVER respect you again. The balance of power between you has shifted. And so early. What nonsense. If they lock you in, you call Mobile Police, forcefully dominate the workers, arrest the ring leaders for false imprisonment, and immediately dismiss them.”

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He quizzed: “How can you be begging workers who came late for work?”

“To be a king, you must be willing to punish disloyal people, even with legal execution, and reward loyal people. Anyone who comes against you when you have acted according to the law MUST be mowed down. What a weakling!,” his.oost concluded.


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