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Chairmanship Candidate: PDP Group Calls On Oborevwori To Order Fresh Primaries In Sapele



LGA POLLS: Oborevwori Says No Imposition Of Candidates, Gets Delta Central PDP Confidence Vote

By Daniel Dafe

Ahead of the July council elections in Delta State, a group, PDP Cares has faulted the chairmanship selection process in Sapele Local Government Area, urging Governor Sheriff Oborevwori to order fresh primaries to pick the party’s flag bearer.

While the group acknowledged and commended his “commendable development efforts across Delta State” under his visionary leadership, PDP Cares expressed fears that the lingering issue surrounding the chairmanship selection process poses a significant threat to the future prosperity of the party if left unaddressed.

While recalling that in the past, “the unilateral imposition of candidates without proper consultation or consensus-building resulted in discontent among the grassroots, leading to unrest,” the group in a press statement on Friday addressed to Gov. Oborevwori, said they “witnessed tensions nearly erupt in Ward 8 due to such actions.”

Adding: “The people feel disenfranchised when their voices go unheard, and this erodes their confidence in the party.”

PDP Cares in the statement signed by Emoghene Onosakponome, Chairman; Atubi Stanley, Secretary and Eric Afiz, Treasurer, noted that “Sapele LGA has long been a stronghold for our party, and we cannot afford to take it for granted,” saying “the announcement regarding the chairmanship selection has been met with an eerie and troubling silence across the local government.”

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“Even party leaders quietly express discomfort, although they may not do so publicly. This silence raises concerns that complacency could breed defeat, similar to what we have experienced in previous elections elsewhere, if the underlying concerns are not resolved immediately.” PDP Cares said.

The statement reads further: “The challenges we face ahead, with opponents such as Igbuya, Dafinone, and our ex-governor on the other side, will be enormous. It is crucial that we maintain maximum unity within our ranks to overcome these obstacles. Unfortunately, the choice that has been perceived as “unpopular” threatens to further divide us rather than inspire the mobilization and enthusiasm that propelled us to victory in 2015 and 2019. Questions persist regarding the leadership abilities of the selected candidate, as evidenced by past records and increasing tensions across several wards.

“In Ward 1, for instance, the unilateral selection of a candidate without consulting supporters resulted in another candidate emerging overnight with the popular mandate of the people. This episode vividly illustrates the depth of feeling against undemocratic processes that sideline the voices of the supporters. Lackluster turnout in PDP-dominated wards, like Ward 3, where previously hundreds rallied, shows a rapid decline in support. In fact, security forces had to be called in to restore calm during one such ward selection process.

“Excellency, your intervention is desperately needed at this critical juncture, as the legitimate voices of supporters have gone unheard for far too long. We humbly request that you allow open primaries to take place, enabling the supporters to choose who they genuinely believe in as their champion. This course of action will help restore faith in the democratic principles that our party upholds.

“Failing to address these concerns could lead to growing disobedience and sabotage, which would severely hamper our campaigns moving forward. The current state of fragility demands immediate healing and unity.

“Moreover, Sapele’s diverse population, comprising various ethnic groups cohabiting harmoniously, requires a candidate with broad cross-cultural appeal, capable of inspiring cooperation across divides. Unfortunately, the selected candidate appears to lack this essential quality.

“As the leader who is ultimately accountable for the future of not just our great party but also the entire Delta State, we plead with Your Excellency to reconsider the current path that seems poised to have catastrophic consequences. We implore you to announce a candidate who can reunite all party members and supporters, thereby ensuring continued victories for our great party.

“The welfare and long-term interests of the party must take precedence over any individual or faction. We strongly urge you to act swiftly before it is too late, as the active discouragement observed thus far risks undoing the progress that has been painstakingly achieved.

“Your timely intervention, supported by the full cooperation of leadership at every level, can help guide us back towards momentum and secure landslide victories under your visionary stewardship.”

Continuing, they appeled to the governor to “assist in dousing the rising anger among party members and supporters by empowering them with a democratic say in choosing their preferred candidate.”

“Together, let us steer the destiny of our state back on course for even greater heights.

“We assure you of our utmost commitment to working harmoniously in whatever manner you deem fit. However, the responsibility to steer our party in the right direction rests upon your shoulders.

“May God bless you as you prayerfully consider this plea,” the statement concluded.


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