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Abiodun Issues Three Executive Orders To Establish Two New Agencies, Restrains Traditional Rulers On MoU



Abiodun Issues Three Executive Orders To Establish Two New Agencies, Restrains Traditional Rulers On MoU

Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun CON, has issued three Executive Orders to establish two new agencies.

These are the Ogun State Mineral Resources Development Agency and The Ogun State Landscaping and Recreation Agency.

In addition to the establishment of these two agencies, the third executive order, therefore restrains monarchs from entering into any form of agreement or Memorandum of Understanding concerning mining activities or any other land matters in their domains.

A statement issued on Saturday by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Strategy, Hon. Kayode Akinmade said the three executive orders take an immediate effect.

“Executive Order One: ESTABLISHMENT OF THE OGUN STATE MINERAL RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT AGENCY. Section 5(2) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 vests in the Governor of Ogun State, the exercise of executive powers of the State for the purpose of effective governance. Government’s responsibilities include the security, welfare, good governance, safety, and peaceful co-existence of all persons in the State, including in business clusters such as mining communities.

“Ogun State has rich and vast deposits of mineral resources which must be explored responsibly, judiciously and without detriment to the environmental ecosystem in mining areas. NOW THEREFORE BY THE AUTHORITY VESTED IN ME AS THE GOVERNOR OF OGUN STATE UNDER THE CONSTITUTION OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA 1999 (AS AMENDED) PRINCE ADEDAPO OLUSEUN ABIODUN, CON, HEREBY ORDER THAT: An Agency to be known as the Ogun State Mineral Resources Development Agency is hereby established.

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“The Agency shall directly or through qualified third parties, conducts and establishes working relationship with host communities and local governments for the conduct of geo-technical and geological surveys of solid mineral deposit within their domains; geo-technical survey of solid mineral deposits in the State and maintain relevant data in the Sector; organises the solid minerals sector to the best interest of the State;

“Develop and strengthen the local capacity of investors in the solid minerals sector and build value re-orientation of indigenes of the state towards engaging in solid mineral SME business; empower the youths in the state to participate in the mining business under a specified program; promote solid mineral investment within the state through prospection and exhibition; establish a data bank to document the rocks and minerals identified in the State; and conduct regular visits to mining sites to forestall environmental degradation in collaboration witha other Agencies.

“To realise its objectives, the Agency shall be funded through fees generated from regulatory agency, budgetary allocation; grants and financial intervention from both local and international development partners; as well as gifts, aid and other legitimate contributions. This Executive Order shall take effect on the day of 2024.

“Executive Order Two: ESTABLISHMENT OF OGUN STATE LANDSCAPING AND RECREATION AGENCY. One of the current administration’s Transformation Agenda is the structure to anchor on a policy of thrust of a sustainable economy through its infrastructural renewal and poverty alleviation programmes, to restore order, and improve quality of life in the neighbourhood.

“Part of the visible evidence of the Transformation Agenda is the attraction of both Local and International commendation of the current administration’s  vision in the State with regards to Tree planting, landscaping and beautification programmes in line with the International environmental standard and its vision for a flood free, hygienic and beautiful Gateway State such as to mitigate the effect of climate change. The Ministry of Environment has started a massive and aggressive tree planting campaign to complement the beautification and landscaping programs to ensure environmentally sustainable, healthier and beautiful society. 

“This greening initiative of the Ogun State Government is therefore conceived not just to beautify the environment but also to be experienced as an effort to mitigate the effect of Climate change, save the environment and protect our future which is aimed at reclaiming open spaces from all agents of environmental degradation. 

“There is, therefore, the need to create the Ogun State Landscaping and Recreation Agency, to  sustain the modest achievement of the Ministry of Environment in the area of environmental regeneration and restoration and through the provision of Parks, Gardens and Recreational Centres State-wide to preserve the biodiversity and ecosystem of the environment.


“The Agency shall: Administer, maintain and manage all designated parks and recreation centres in the State;  carry out the general directives and policies of the government in respect of the development, maintenance and management of parks, recreation centres, gardens, playing grounds and open spaces in the State; Grant permits on the payment of the prescribed fees in any of the open spaces in the Parks or Gardens managed by the Agency;  charge appropriate fees for the use of facilities provided where necessary in the State’s Parks and Gardens;  regulate the hours of use of the open spaces in the State Parks or Gardens by members of the public.

“Provide and maintain adequate security and environmental sanitation facilities for the State Parks, Gardens, Open Spaces and Recreation Centres; enumerate and tag all trees within the State inclusive of those private tenements; monitor and supervise pruning and felling of trees within the State; advise on all matters relating to the greening programmes of the State;  cause fund for the maintenance of Parks and Gardens;  carry out such other assignment as may from time to time as directed by the Governor. 

“For the purpose of realizing its objectives, the Ogun State Landscaping and Recreation Agency shall be funded through any or all of the following means: Budgetary allocation; Monies received for services rendered; Grants and financial intervention from both local and international development partners; as well as Gifts, aids and other legitimate contributions.


“Ogun State has vast tracts of land containing mineral resources attractive to investors. The Ogun State Government is building a sustainable industrial economy which will significantly increase private investments, enhance job creation and improve revenue generation, thus making land, its management and use an area of key focus and interest. Whereas, the State recognises that to achieve the above, when miners and investors bid to acquire and explore available land for mining, industrialization or any other approved use by the State Government, such acquisitions and explorations must be made through approved, standard, preset, and transparent processes.

“The State, therefore,  observes the current trend in which miners and investors circumvent regulation and government oversight by encouraging Traditional institutions to interfere with land management by entering into Memorandums of Understanding and other irregular legal arrangements. NOW THEREFORE PURSUANT TO THE AUTHORITY VESTED IN ME BY THE CONSTITUTION AS THE GOVERNOR OF OGUN STATE, I HEREBY ORDER AS FOLLOWS:

“That all forms of Traditional Institutions existing within the State are hereby with immediate effect barred from entering into any form of Memorandum of Understanding or Agreement with any individual, companies or organisations seeking Land within any part of the entire State for purposes of Mining or Industry and are to forthwith refrain from issuing any form of consent letters for mining across the State. 

“Any Traditional Institution or stakeholder in the Institution who flouts this Order shall be sanctioned in line with the provisions of the Obas and Chiefs Law and other relevant criminal statutes. From the date of this order, any individual, company or organisation that enters into any Memorandum of Understanding or agreement with a Traditional Institution or stakeholders, whom this order applies on mining or industry shall be proceeded against in line with Section 61 of the Ogun State Criminal Law 2006 which prohibits interference with executive power. This Executive Order takes effect immediately.”


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