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Utorogu Gas Plant: Gov. Makinde, A Practical Lesson For Gov. Oborevwori



Utorogu Gas Plant: Gov. Makinde, A Practical Lesson For Gov. Oborevwori

Governor Seyi Makinde has just signed a 100 million dollars Oyo State partnership with Shell Nigeria Gas, SNG, to build a Gas Distribution Plant and pipelines to distribute gas to industrial layouts in the state.

The concern here is that this gas will be sourced from the Utorogu Gas Plant, same plant in the heart of Delta state, currently supplying gas to the Egbin Power Station, Otta in Ogun state and beyond through the West Africa Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCO) to West African countries.

What stops Governor Sheriff Oborevwori on thinking along this line to industrialise Delta and not carry on like the proverbial man who lives by the river and still washes hands with spittle.

The Delta governor would rather glorify self with wasteful appointments of idle politicians as aides into redundant offices.

The effective way to bring Shell back to Warri, to Delta, is to partner SNG to build a Gas Distribution Network that will supply gas to domestic factories and independent power stations.

Gov Oborevwori, we need gas Infrastructure in Delta where we have the comparative advantage to get it cheaper and faster than far away Oyo, with the Utorogu Gas plant phase 1 (Utorogu NAG 1),UTOROGU Gas Plant Phase 2( NAG 2) AND Utorogu gas plant phase 3(NAG 3) undergoing construction right on your domain.

With the availability of Utorogu NAG 1, 2 & 3, Delta can easily become industrial hub of Nigeria. Governor Oborevwori, you need expert advisors and not political drama actors and praise singers with nothing to offer in state building.

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Precisely on 10th May 2024 I had an argument with one of the security chiefs in Delta on phone conversation and he boasted that he is from Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria. I rebuked him and reminded him that Lagos is nothing without Delta, Bayelsa,Akwa Ibom, and Rivers.

I told him if head offices of oil & gas companies are moved from Lagos to the operating environment nothing will remain of Lagos. I told him without the gas from Utorogu in Delta, Lagos and Ogun states are very empty.

I also told him that Dangote refinery can’t function without Delta, Bayelsa,Akwa Ibom and Rivers. I told him that Delta, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, Cross River and Rivers are blessed with natural marine activities. I cited Koko, Sapele, Burutu, Warri and Okwagbe whalves in Delta alone.

Our problem in Delta is lack of broadminded, transformational governors. Governance is not about writing election results and imposing self on the people. Governance is not about thuggery. Governance is not about engaging cheerleaders to glorify a mediocre, clueless governor even when he is failing glaringly.

Governor Sheriff needs to partner oil & gas companies/developers to build independent power stations and gas delivery plants to tap into Utorogu gas field to enhance industrial growth.

Governor Alex Otti is doing wonderfully well in Abia state. Most of the politicians around Oborevwori are ‘political jokers’ who only think of election manipulation to remain glued to corridors of power for life for stomach infrastructure.

These are Delta politicians who do not think outside the box. It is a pity that states without oil and gas are making use of our natural gas to build strong industrial bases in their respective domains.

We have alot to do with gas in Delta and we have this gas in abundance. The time to act is now. No more procrastination.

Zik Gbemre
June 11, 2024

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