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Omene: Urhobo Nation Is Now The Most Beggarly Ethnic Group In Delta State



Says The Problems of The Urhobo Ethnic Group Are the Elites
The President General, Urhobo Progress Union, UPU (Worldwide), Chief Joe Omene, has said that the Urhobo Nation is the most beggarly ethnic group in Delta State, adding that Urhobo elites are the problems of Urhobo Nation.
Chief Omene made this remark while responding to questions during an exclusive chat with Oasis Magazine (OM) in Mosogar recently.
He said: “A senator from Delta North once said that if you need Urhobo votes, you do not need to go to Urhobo land to campaign; just keep their money aside. Once you do that, they would give you the kind of vote that you want.
“It is sad to see an Urhobo man of over 65 years who was once a councilor, a chairman and then House of Assembly member end up now as either an Adviser or a Special Adviser,” saying that this can only be seen in Urhobo Nation.
He quizzed: “How can you climb to the level of House of Assembly member, then attain the height of an House of Representatives member, a senator and minister and all of a sudden fall back to an Adviser or SA to a Governor?”
He said further: “They squandered their resources while they were in the National Assembly and rather than leave such positions of SA and Adviser to the younger ones in Urhobo Nation, they have now ended up with lesser offices.
“It is painful to see an Urhobo professor running around for a young politician from Delta North.”
“Those fighting against the Urhobo Nation even though they are from Urhobo are gradually fading away,” he averred.
He however urged the Urhobo people not to despair, adding that there is going to be light at the end of the tunnel.
He added: “Tell me one Urhobo man that wields power in Asaba. In 1999, Delta North was crying that they want their own state. They adjuged that Babangida gave them a house, but put a lion inside the house, referring to the Urhobo Nation.
“The Itsekiri man knows how to articulate their matter and get what they want. Even small Isoko knows how to go about what they want. Same with the Ijaws, but not Urhobo.
”We will be saying Urhobo cannot do it alone. During the time when Ibori was running for the governorship seat, did we not do it alone? Today, we are the beggars looking for crumbs to eat. They say we need to reach out, yes, I agree, but not by being beggarly.”
“The Urhobo Nation has the largest numbers of SAs in this government. Urhobo indigenes just have glorified positions in this government with no power,” he stressed.





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