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COVID-19: I Was Not Given Any Result Before I Was Discharged From The Isolation Centre, Says Mamuzo



Mamuzo Ijala

Insists That She Never Had COVID-19

By Daniel Dafe

The supposedly good news that a COVID-19 patient, Mamuzo Ijala, has been discharged from an isolation center at the Central Hospital, Warri, who the Delta State Government announced tested positive for the disease, has been dampened by a claim by the said case that during her 17-day period stay at the isolation center, she was not at any time presented the result that indicated that she tested positive of the dreaded Coronavirus .

Mamuzo who spoke to Oasis Magazine (OM) through a phone conversation, added that all she left with from the isolation centre was a sheet of paper that had the COVID-19 guidelines and not even a discharge certificate, as promised her.

Her words: “It was an audio result that I got. They called me to tell me that I was positive but did not give me any result. Before I was taken there I already said the virus is not in this country. We cannot curb its spread if it is in this nation. The disease may be in the western world, but not here. Keeping me there was against my wish.

“The markets are crowded; if it is here more people would have been affected. The banks are also crowded. It’s a scam in this nation. I am a witness. I have been there. I may have stayed at the isolation center, but I do not see myself as a COVID-19 patient.”

She continued: “My friend who was with me before I was admitted is living his normal life. He is fine. His test was negative. How about my family at home? When I was sick my mother was the one bathing me and even slept in the same room with me many times. She is almost 70 and still living her normal life. Imagine the close contact she had with me. I have two aged mothers in my house they do not have it. A little baby is also in my house that does not have the disease?

“They did not plan the drama before they went on stage. They would have quarantined my family. The reports that the doctors that attended to me were all tested positive for COVID-19 are all fabricated stories.”

Speaking further, she said that people are hungry and their sources of livelihood in jeopardy, adding that people should be allowed to go back to their normal life.

On what she was treated for at the isolation center, she said that that discussion will be for another day.

The Commissioner for Health in the state, Dr. Mordi Ononye who did not pick his calls when contacted, in a text message on the claims of Mamuzo that she did not get any result from the government, said that a result was presented to her.

Also, the Commissioner for Information, Mr. Charles Aniagwu when contacted said: “I spoke to Mamuzo before she was discharged. She did not tell me she had any issues and she was very happy after they treated her and was okay. I don’t know what issues are coming from there again. I don’t know why she is more interested in the result than her health.”

When asked if he is aware of a physical presentation of her result to her, he said: “I don’t want to get into that.”

He added: “Let’s assume she was not given a result, does that change the fact that she was positive. We are happy that she has been treated and recovered. Is she not well; why are you people dragging us back? We have passed that stage and don’t want to get bogged down by Mamuzo’s issues.

“We have a briefing in Asaba in the next 20 minutes and maybe that will address the issues she is raising.”

Speaking on the claims by Nigerians that there is no COVID-19 in the country, he said: “Those who don’t want to believe that COVID-19 is in Nigeria, I hope they don’t end up becoming the specimen of dead bodies presented to others as evidence since some are asking for the dead bodies of those that died as a result of COVID-19.”

According to him, it is laughable that people believe that Coronavirus has become a tool for governments to steal.

“COVID-19 is making us spend money that we should use for development,” he opined.


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