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Trouble As Delta South PDP Chairman Imposes Younger Brother As Councillor



Chief Julius Takeme

-Threatens Ward EXCOS With Removal

There is anger and tension among constituents of Obotebe Ward 18 in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta state, following a move by the Delta South Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Julius Takeme in imposing his younger brother as Councillor of the ward.

Hon Takeme’s action has led to other Councillorship aspirants in the ward to petition him before the PDP leadership in the state.

The petition signed by Timi Bougha, Andawei Okou, Christopher Bebenaghan, and Samisco Okpe seeks for the party leadership to “sanction Hon Takeme for the flagrant abuse of powers conferred on him by the party.”

It also calls for the outright dismissal of Hon Takeme Spencer, the younger brother of 1the 1flag bearer of the PDP in the forthcoming Local Government Area elections.

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The petition reads in part;


We, the undersigned, acting for ourselves and on behalf of our numerous supporters, as councillorship aspirants in Obotebe Ward 17 wish to register our displeasure over the shameful imposition of Hon. Spencer Takeme, by his immediate elder brother, Chief Julius Takeme, using his office as Senatorial Chairman, to the detriment of all of us.

As directed by the party leadership, Exco members and selected leaders converged at the residence of the Delta South Senatorial Chairman, Chief Julius Takeme, in order to harmonize and select/elect councillorship candidates for Wards 17 and 18, Burutu Local Government Area. While Rt. Hon. Franc Enekorogha led the group to amicably pick their candidate for Ward 18 without any rancor, the case was different for Ward 17, as the Senatorial Chairman singlehandedly imposed his non-performing immediate younger brother on the people. He did so by threatening to remove the Exco members saddled with the mandate to produce the candidate from the Exco, if they do not accept and endorse his immediate younger brother over and above all other aspirants as the candidate.
This action of the Senatorial Chairman has thrown the Ward into a serious disarray, as party members have threatened to decamp enmass if this ugly trend is not corrected with immediate effect.

The peace and security of Ward 17 is presently at risk if the needful is not done urgently.
It will be recalled that, in the last Local Government Area elections, all the Aspirants stepped down for the Senatorial Chairman’s younger brother for Ward 17, while the Aspirant for Ward 18 stepped down for the Nephew of Rt. Hon. Franc Enekorogha, upon an understanding that the position will rotate in this election. Rt. Hon. Franc Enekorogha has honorably fulfilled his side of the bargain by telling his nephew to step down.

This action by Rt. Hon. Franc Enekorogha has brought peace in Ward 18 but Chief Julius Takeme has shamelessly and vehemently refused to honor the agreement that was reached in the last elections. To make matters worse, the said Hon. Spencer Takeme is not popular. He is the least qualified, to represent the people of Ward 17. His first tenure registered the worst form of representation as his impact was only negatively felt by the people.

In view of the aforesaid, we demand as follows;

1) Let the name of Hon. Spencer Takeme be dropped as he was not properly selected.

2) All leaders and Exco members should be freely allowed to vote for a candidate of their choice under the supervision of an unbiased umpire.

3) Chief Julius Takeme should be sanctioned for the flagrant abuse of the powers conferred on him by the party.

4) Rt. Hon. Franc Enekorogha should be commended for the display of leadership and holding strictly unto the Gentle Man agreement that was reached in the last election.

We trust that the party leadership is capable of treating this case with all sense of fairness and justice.

Comr. Timi Bougha
Comr. Andawei Okou
Comr. Christopher Bebenaghan
Comr. Samisco Okpe

We anticipate that this petition will receive the attention it deserves.

Long Live PDP
Long Live Delta State
Long Live Burutu LGA
Long Live Obotebe


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