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Ethiope East: PDP Ward 19 Councillorship Candidate Not Fit To Contest —Hon. Okoro




By Daniel Dafe, Abraka

The councillorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for DSIEC Ward 19 Orhoakpo, Ethiope East LGA, Hon Mudiaga Nelson Okoro, has said the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) councillorship candidate for the said ward, ITEBU OGHENERUESE RACHAEL, is not eligible to contest for the 2021 council elections, saying that she will be disqualified to contest the councillorship election by a competent court.

Okoro hinged his expectations on the grounds that she is guilty of name discrepancy, saying the document she submitted to DSIEC as a PDP Councillorship candidate carried the name ITEBU OGHENERUESE RACHAL while the name on her PVC is ONOVWAKE OJHANERUESE R.

Adding: “She has sworn an affidavit that henceforth she is to be known and addressed as ONOVWAKE OGHENERUESE RACHAEL.

“Every document with her former name ( ITEBU OGHENERUESE RACHAEL) remain valid. The name on her PVC is ONOVWAKE OJHANERUESE.”

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He asked: “The question is, is there any difference between her new name (ONOVWAKE OGHENERUESE RACHAEL) and the name on her PVC,” saying this is one of the questions she will answer before the honourable court.

Continuing, Hon Okoro said she was asked in the document she submitted to DSIEC if she has ever changed her name, adding that “due to delusional adequacy, her response was emphatically NO.”

Speaking further, the APC candidate said the third reason for saying she will be disqualified is age discrepancy.

He said: “The Date Of Birth she submitted to DSIEC is 14/05/1980, while the one on her fraud PVC is 1984. The question is, is there any difference between 1980 and 1984? She has lied to Nigeria and the world that she was born on two different years.

“Maybe she will still run to court to back it up with another affidavit. This woman likes affidavit.

“In addition, she deposed to an oath that she misplaced her PVC and in the certified copy of INEC register both in ward 7 Orhoakpo and ward 8 Okpara Waterside in Ethiope East local government there’s no name of Mrs Itebu Ogheneruese Rachael.

“When I was in primary school, my friends and I used to sing a song and the song is: Everywhere you go titikpangolo go follow you, everywhere you go titikpangolo go follow you. If you know say you sing the song that year abeg follow me sing am here. Even the name ITEBU OGHENERUESE RACHAEL never appear in Orhoakpo PVC register. Everywhere you go titikpangolo go follow you.

According to him, “Orhoakpo APC Members want her to appear before the honourable court to dance the tune of her music. The high court bailiff made several attempt yesterday to serve her paper but she seems to be on the run. Can she run from the court? She was hiding in her husband’s house when the bailiff visited. My advise for her is to come out from her hideout and dance the election music.”


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