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URHOBO 2023: Why Amori Remains The Best Choice For Senate –Ovie Bethel



Over the years, political gang up has been the hallmark of certain caliber of persons who felt they are not adequately compensated with juicy political positions, appointments or award of contracts as a reward for their labour during any election. These individuals always surface during every electioneering period in order to stop the best choice or the most popular aspirant or candidate because of personal political differences arising from selfish demands that are against the general interest of the Urhobo Nation.

Politics they say is a game of interest, however it’s more injurious and unpatriotic where the selfish interest of an individual or group of persons override the interest of the vast majorities. This is the issue Chief Sen. Ighoyota Amori JP is having in the Urhobo political stage, being a man who believes in empowering the youths, men and women with every opportunity given to him to serve.

Chief Amori has always faced alot of political gang up and setbacks from perceived individuals who felt they are not well or adequately compensated from the political fortunes or dividends of the state.These uncharitable and unpatriotic demands have been the basis of these individuals jumping from one political camp to the other, to gang up against him, through propaganda, selling of lies to the social media, calling him all manners of abusive names and moving from gate to gate to blackmail him.

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Every good political science student or political analyst knows that the politics in Delta Central Senatorial District is more than just the surface; it is a collective gang up to stop a man who has provided leadership over the years upon which those standing against him rose to the present status they are enjoying freely without a “Thank You” to the very man (Chief Amori) who laboured since 1999 to lay the solid foundation they are all gallivanting on.

Those who fail primary at any level they are contesting, link or tie the failure to Chief Amori and the same people will selfishly gang up to stop him in his ambition even when they know his leadership style is such that is favourable to positively impact the vast majorities, born out of humane and sincere heart to raise and put Urhobo Nation in a good radar of all round development. Chief Amori has never failed Urhobo Nation. The records are there. He has touched lives and empowered many across communities. But the very people who enjoyed and tested the honey of his political and leadership magnanimity are the ones joining enemies of common good in Urhobo Nation to stop him because the honey is no more dropping or has stopped flowing to them.

“””Remember,the eagle doesn’t have to struggle with the snake (Backstabbers) but pick it and take it to the height where it loses balance and release it from there”””

It is time to separate our true or real patriots from backstabbers who take delight in constantly standing against Chief Amori due to their selfish interest and spirit of ingratitude.

Finally,we are wiser and our eyes have opened to see clearly. This is not the time for cheap political blackmail; this is a time to stand for the man who has contributed immensely to the growth, progress and development of Urhobo Nation.

Chief Sen Ighoyota Amori JP is coming in 2023!!!!

Comr.Ovie Bethel
Wrote from Lagos


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