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Delta 2023: Government Agents Cage, Seize Delegates’ Phones Lodged In Hotels, Prevent Other Aspirants From Meeting Them



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It has come to the attention of the Delta United Forum that hotels like Benaza, owned by Kingsley Emu, and others such as Hampton, Copperfield Okpanam Road, Dulux are where delegates are presently lodged and already instructed to vote the candidate of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa in the person of Sheriff Oberevwori.

While we have no problem with lodging or voting by delegates for a candidate of their choice, we are concerned about a situation where they are being held incommunicado and their phones seized only to be driven to the venue so as to prevent other aspirants from seeing them. This is ungodly, unconscionable and reprehensible. We condemn it in its entirety.

As call to most of the delegates especially the ones from Delta North met dead end as they were all switched off.

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It is worrisome that this incidence of delegates being held hostage is being traced to the Governor’s camp. The fact that a winner of one of the senatorial seats of the party is being mentioned as the leader is most unfortunate.

We are indeed surprised by the turn of events. This is not what the governor promised. Months ago, he promised free and fair primaries but the current development is contrary to his pledge, even in the church.

The Governor must realise that denying other aspirants the right to meet with the delegates on the eve of the primaries is not only a threat to democratic ethos but also a mischievous plot to undermine democratic growth. All this would have far reaching consequences.

Therefore, the Delta Unity Forum wishes to draw the attention of all Nigerians and Deltans in particular to the daylight brigandage being perpetrated to deny delegates right to associate with aspirants on the eve of the gubernatorial primaries.

The delegates must be allowed to meet freely with the aspirants and their phones be switched on. A primary election is a game and not a war.


Chief Aphensus Dibi, Delta South

Mr. Collins Okafor, Delta North,

Barr. Claude Oghenekvwe, Delta Central


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