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Okowa Finishing Strong In Failure: The Case Of Delta’s Sustained Violence



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Under Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, the reign of violence in Delta state by several depraved individuals and gangs is one of the most profound indices that attest to justify the Governor that is “finishing strong” in failure.

The viral news on how gunmen killed a landlord and two others in Sapele underscores the impunity criminals have enjoyed and continue to enjoy under the Delta administration of Okowa.

Okowa administration’s lawlessness is a cause for alarm. Why the rising cases of violent crime in Delta? The police and all security operatives are working but no solution to end violent crimes in the state.

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Apparently, rather than acting proactively to curb the reign of terror in Delta, Okowa is rather aggravating the violence by surrounding himself with known depraved minds as Aides.

How would known touts/violent youths with several histories of violence be the Aides to a governor? The Aides of any governor ought to be refined, responsible and well informed? What will a tout offer as a Senior Special Assistant/Special Assistant to a governor?

All that the touts know best is violence and thuggery. Nothing to offer other than thuggery. Okowa’s administration has failed. No governor will achieve success with violent young people. Okowa is a disgrace to the medical profession he belongs.

A medical doctor that is romancing with thuggery. Why will crime not be on the rise in Delta? The more violent, the more recognition. The more thuggery, the more government patronage. Okowa has made thuggery to be rewarding.

Okowa is the patron of area boys. The more violent action, the more recognition by a supposed governor of Delta. The Okowa government is the worst government since 1999

Every day we hear of violent crime in Delta.

How has that helped the Delta people? Okowa should not finish strong in promoting violent people. No country will develop with mere wishful thinking.

Zik Gbemre
June 22, 2022

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