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Okowa’s “I Am An Igbo Man” Burble



By Norbert Chiazor

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa,brand new Vice presidential candidate of the PDP may have jolted many with his punch line “I am an Igbo man”

Facing the nation live, Okowa a man known for his taciturnity went
point blank to declare his “Igboness”,wide eyed,unapologetically.

It took ARISE TV, a funky electronic medium,with chatty youthful presenters to break the news.

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Quite symbolic for those perceptive enough to read between the lines.

ARISE TV is powered by Nduka,Obaigbena.A Deltan from Okowa’s hood. The interview- unmistakable exclusive. Okowa wanted to be exact, deliberate and quotable.No ambivalence.No ambiguity.He owned it up,clear and clean!

Two strands are in Okowa’s revelation.

One,it is a soothing balm for those who have been singing ,even to the decibel of coarse rhetorics that the name “Ifeanyi” is Igbo by tag and identity, no matter the location.

A vivid vindication of the shrill cry of Delta Ibos for understanding, caught in the web of identity crisis.They clamour for integration among hesitant South East Igbos while craving sovereign survival as distinct settlers of independent Anioma world.A complex scenario dramatized by Kenyan folklorist Jerald Angira in his post colonial treatise titled “A Child of no World”

Two, Okowa’s telling epiphany will turn heads here and there. For the ones who had profiled the 4th elected governor of Delta,an Igbo man, Okowa’s disclosure has given them closure for their somewhat tribal or xenophobic suspicion. Now ,they can pine in malevolent Euraka.It is their point so free!

Far from varied sentiments, there is nobler tone to Okowa’s truth.The redeeming rhythm hypes beautifully, the urgency and necessity of one Nigeria, tolerance for peace,inclusiveness for progress and forgiveness for healing under the hubris of a divided and rudderless era.

Call Okowa uncomplimentary names under free speech, the man who spoke on Television did not just coo softly by nature, like the twittering Turtle Dove. He spoke like the Vice President Nigeria compellingly needs in a bleeding land of fear and hopelessness. He was humble in body language, pacifying in eloquence and remorseful in imperfections.

He answered the disapproval of E.K.Clark,some Southern and Middle Belt leaders against his Vice Presidential ticket, not with wanton selfish insolence but appealing respectful accommodation to Elder’s rage.That is not the trait of a traitor. Prodigal sons do not genuflect or curry the understanding of their fathers.Okowa,a mortal man has his faults, yet he is anything but rebellious.

Fair that Delta North Traditional Rulers and Ohaneze Ndigbo had reportedly came up with pro Okowa statements
supporting his position amid circumstances.

How plausible could one governor stand against the power of a party to make its ticket an open option? With the dogmatic climate of the North where monolithic religion and ethnicity had radicalized a people to unquestionable bandwagon in voting, can a Southern ticket holder win the presidency 2023? With the disunity and divisive voices among the three geo political zones in the South, how far can a home grown candidate go?

How come South East,touted as preferred destination for Nigeria’s next leadership made abysmal outing in the primaries of the two dominant political parties? Who and what pushed Igbo delegates from the South East to give zero votes to their brothers at the last presidential primaries?

Soon or late ,the day is coming .A Southern president would emerge. Okowa is not an obstacle but precursor. In key quarters ,the earnest expectation is that he wins along with Atiku Abubakar come 2023.
Atiku/Okowa presidency could be the elixir for future southern President of Nigeria.

Atiku is from North East with no history of Presidential seat since Nigeria’s independence,
whether under civilian or military. Okowa shares affinity with marginalized South East and also aligned with Southern Nigeria, brooding to rule again.

The time appears not in it’s apogee now with current realities. But full moon would birth inexorably tomorrow in the south.Just time! The delay is certainly not Okowa”s duplicity.


This Igbo man has good results in school and service. He will rescue Nigeria.


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