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OPEN LETTER! Okowa: Setting The Records Straight By Evance Ivwurie



I am neither bitter nor frustrated but bold, courageous, intelligent, focused and very successful outside politics and governance. All I have done is for the best interest of Delta State. I believe that Okowa is not a fit and proper person to be our nation’s Vice President at this time because he has not given a good account of himself as governor, but rather he has been an excellent Governor of Owa Alero only, a hypocrite and a traitor.

I believe that unlike HE. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan and HE. James Onanefe Ibori, who have governed Delta State, Okowa is a renowned serial deceiver and betrayal of trust and confidence who will embarrass our good state in Abuja.

I do not join issues with my minors and charlatans because they cannot understand, comprehend or manage the issues and they could be petty. The semi-illiterate benighted scoundrel that Okowa wants to use to do his 3rd tenure as Governor of Owa Alero is not my coequal. I do not care about the Motor Park Speaker and I do not mention his name because the scoundrel went to night school at old age and he is not a person of substance or significance. For all he did to me, Rt. Hon. Friday Osanebi and Hon. Prince Erica Oharisi for helping him to become the Speaker of the House, God has paid him back and messed him up across the world with his own piss, shit, faeces and excreta. His fake certificates, 5 names and affidavits are already been used to sell groundnut and guguru in Federal High Courts and all the way to Supreme Court through Court of Appeal. I deal directly with Ifeanyi Okowa the evil craftsman and manipulator who has been completely drained and rubbished in Abuja over HE Atiku Abubarkar Vice Presidency.

For your information I talk and write directly with my boss- the Waziri of Adamawa Emirate HE. VP Alhaji Atiku Abubarkar and my political leader and mentor HE. Chief James Ibori. For your additional information, I did not stoop low to serve in Okowa wicked and failed government, he cannot patronize or compromise me and I am very proud of that.

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I was elected through Labour Party just as Okowa was elected through PDP and Okowa deceived me to decamp to join him in PDP and I was unwise to have trusted and respected Okowa and once I rejoined the PDP, Okowa threw all kinds of spanners to stop my re-election. Okowa used the PDP machinery in Ethiope East to work against my re-election and sponsored my opponent in PDP and Okowa paid N45 million through the benighted scroundrel to my opponent in APC to stop me from getting re-elected to the House so that I will not become the Speaker, because he was preparing the semi-illiterate to become Governor (lessons for anyone decamping). As a Lawmaker I was more effective and efficient than Okowa as governor, because Okowa habitually runs away from the big issues of security of life and property as well as those of development, and my records of performance and legacies speaks for itself.

Okowa and my good self are colleagues and contemporaries in HE. James Ibori government as Honourable Commissioners, so I will not stoop low to join issues with my minors, charlatans and irresponsible selfish Okowa defenders, no! I will not. I cannot also blame our political leader and mentor HE. James Ibori an extraordinary leader, truster and forgiver for standing behind Okowa like the northern star against the genuine analytical advisory of HE. Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan, the man who saw tomorrow and thoroughly knew the ‘evil genius’.

My focus is Okowa and I have the gut, courage and intelligent to stop him from emerging as the Vice President and I have achieved that one out of my two objectives. The first is to stop the evil Okowa from becoming the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria because of his treacherous rudeness and betrayal of our political leader and mentor HE. James Onanefe Ibori and the second is to stop Okowa from achieving a third tenure through the scoundrel even though Okowa has built his private residence in Asaba besides the Delta State Governor’s office. Okro no dey tall pass who get am. Okowa can no longer get through the back doors what only Ibori can give to him for free, trust me.

Francis lives in Germany, Sheriff lives in Osubi and Okowa will continue to run helter sketer in Abuja. Nonsense.

Hon. Chief Evance Ochuko Ivwurie

Hamzat Atiku Abubakar.


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