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Sacking CBN Gov Is The Solution To Naira Devaluation, Says Concerned Nigerian



Sacking CBN Gov Is The Solution To Naira Devaluation, Says Concerned Nigerian

A Nigerian has described the Governor of the Central Bank (CBN), Mr. Godwin Emiefele a failure whose duty as the engine room of Nigeria’s economy has woefully failed Nigerians.

A concerned Nigerian who is worried about the constant devaluation of a Naira to a Dollar, Mallam Abdulkareem Mujijitafa said the best solution to Nigeria’s dwindling economy is the sacking of Emiefele by President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to him since the appointment of Godwin to head the apex Bank nothing meaning has added to the country’s growing economy.

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He worried that the Naira is daily being weakened by the Dollar and that nothing the CBN Governor is doing to salvage the situation.

Abdulkareem who is an economist lambasted the recent forwarded of CBN board members to Senate chambers for approval by Buhari.

He said the board is needless because the Governor is not serious to improve the bad economy the country is facing.

He accused Godwin of politicizing the office with his interest in delving into politics instead of concentrating on working on the country’s economy.

“We didn’t experience this mess during Professor Charles Soludu, and Muhammadu Sanusi. Today the Naira is weight against Euro and Dollar is empty and light.

” Nigeria today is in a big economy comatose, and the Naira is less valued even in some African countries like Cameroon, Benin Republic, Rwanda, Chad, Niger and Burkina Faso who were looking up to Nigeria for help.

“I think President Muhammadu Buhari should be blamed for all this trouble we are facing in this country. Sir, why are you building a posterity that will condemn now and later? Sir There are better Nigerians that can work far better than Godwin.

” Please save our Naira, sacking Godwin should not be given a second thought as he has proven and shown his inability to rescue the Naira from constant fallen down to a dollar,” Abdulkareem said

He called on Godwin to honorable resign and bow out with respect because Nigerians are not happy with his leadership style in CBN.

Abdulkareem while interacting with this medium via telephone chat vowed to organize a protest calling on President Buhari to sack Godwin after three weeks of this report.

He lay claims that the administration of President Buhari has failed Nigerians in so many ways ranging from security education.


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