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Kwankwaso Will Win 2023 Presidential Election With Wide Margin -Ogboru 



By Onyebolise Favour, Itila Favour, Nmormah Godswill, Idoghor Mine

Candidate of the New Nigerians People’s Party, NNPP, for the Delta State House of Assembly race, Ethiope East constituency, Hon. Rex Ogboru, has said that he joined the party because of the integrity of the party’s presidential candidate, Sen Dr. Rabiu Kwankwaso.

Hon Ogboru said this during an exclusive interview with Oasis magazine on Sunday at his residence in Abraka.

According to him “Kwankwaso will win the election because he’s on ground in the north,” adding: “Don’t forget that the northerners are not on social media and that is why some are looking at it as if he is not working hard.”

He added, “He wines and dines with the people and I believe that Kwankwaso is going to get 70% of the northern votes. And with that, he’s going to have the highest vote.”

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Furthermore, he said: “Four strong contestants in the persons of His Excellency Abubakar, His Excellency Peter Obi, His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinibu, and His Excellency Kwankwaso. are the 4 strong contestants. And I believe that Kwankwaso is going to override all of them. The election is between Kwankwaso and others like I said. And I believe he’s the next president of Nigeria.”

Continuing, he said that “out of all the persons running for president, Kwankwaso stands tall.”

In his words: “He is the best in terms of educational qualification, administrative prowess, exposure, and so on.”

“While Kwankwaso was the governor of Kano state he transformed the state.

“Kano was like a tourist state. It was Kwankwaso that did those things. A man that has so much passion for education is not to be played with. Education is the key to every society, so, we should not play with education and he’s a man that does not play with education. The records are there, You can go and verify. Check them you’ll see. So, I believe with such a kind of person, at the helm of affairs in the country, this country will move forward. So he is the best man to me,” he added.


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