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RE: Ogboru Gets #500M To Do The Impossible As A Spoiler



RE: Ogboru Gets #500M To Do The Impossible As A Spoiler

Martins Aruviere Egharevwa has proven beyond every reasonable doubt that he is a hired blackmailer and image assassin. Unfortunately, he has chosen a very wrong and self destructive job and his pay master is on a mission to Waterloo.

It is not enough for the hireling called Martins Aruviere Egharevwa to falsely report a matter as “authoritative” and end it just like that. This stomach infrastructure hireling should reveal the source of his falsely cooked up report cum story and back same up with substantial proofs, because you cannot convince Deltans and Nigerians of such corrupt tendency and disposition about the PEOPLE’S GENERAL just by empty, senseless and baseless allegations that lack substance.

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It is worthy of note that if this version of story is told about and against Martins Aruviere’s paymaster, Deltans and indeed Nigerians will not spend even a second to doubt, because that is his TRADEMARK and BRAND LABEL.

It remains on record that Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru has remained a thorn in the flesh of all corrupt, wicked and predatorial politicians in Delta State, and indeed the only man that has consistently refused to sell his conscience for a morsel of meal in the political space in Delta State.

It is also important to state that Martins has failed to state in clear terms whose course Ogboru wants to spoil when it is public knowledge that Ogboru is the only man in the political space in Delta State that freely enjoys the passionate natural love of the grassroot citizens and electorates in Delta State.

The truth about Martins’ errand is that his paymaster is under serious torment of soul and it is the crushing effect of a troubled and dying conscience that gave birth to this defamation project embarked upon by Martins Aruviere’s paymaster; and it is a mission that is dead on arrival, because Ogboru’s personality is engulfed with unquestionable credibility that is hard to find anywhere.

It remains a fact that Ogboru is the only man in the race for the Delta State Governorship Seat known to be genuinely and hugely successful prior to venturing into politics; and no amount of blackmail, defamation attempt, character assassination or campaign of calumny against him can deter him from his MISSION to RESCUE DELTA STATE from the claws and paws of the cabal that has brought untold hardship to Deltans including the highly corrupt paymaster of Martins Aruviere Egharevwa.

We would gladly appreciate if this hopeless hireling called Martins Aruviere would mention those who have died because of Ogboru, and if any how they died. and we’ll take it up from there.

It is the height of irresponsibility, ignominy and insanity for any Deltan to allow himself or herself to be used in the manner Martins Aruviere Egharevwa is currently being used by notorious people who believe the only way up is to pull down innocent and reputable men. He forgets that others had been used in the past and later dumped when their paymasters saw how difficult and infact impossible it is to pull down the indefatigable PEOPLE’S General, Olorogun Great Ovedje Ogboru.

One thing that is also worthy of mention here is that if Martins Aruviere Egharevwa’s paymasters feel that Ogboru is out to play a spoiler role, then it can only be a reflection of the figment of their own imagination. It is most likely that they felt Great Ogboru would be discouraged after their 2019 betrayal only to discover that Ogboru’s pertinacity and doggedness is indomitable.

Back to the issue of spoiler role, The question will be that were Ogboru’s outings in 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015 and 2019 to play a spoiler role to anybody? when it is public knowledge that Ogboru is the only true face of opposition in Delta State; consequently,

Was Ogboru out to play a spoiler role in 2015 when Martins Aruviere’s principal paymaster came on his knees begging for ticket on Ogboru’s chosen political platform then? Was it corrupt money that Ogboru used in supporting Aruviere’s principal paymaster both for elections and court cases in 2015 and 2019?
If Ogboru was not an errand boy to anybody in the previous elections he has participated in, and contested, then this definitely can’t be an errand but a show of his firmness, consistency, doggedness, indomitable spirit and unwaivering faith that some day his mission to Rescue Delta State from gross misrule, corruption and total absence of development will be accomplished at the appointed time, and indeed the appointed time is 2023.

Like every other dubious, extremely corrupt and criminally-minded politician in Delta State fears the name Great Ovedje Ogboru once elections are approaching so is Martins Aruviere’s paymaster is currently dying of fear because he is now going to contest against the People’s General, and therefore, to him blackmail, defamation and campaign of calumny seem to be the only road or shortcut known to them; unfortunately, there is no shortcut to any place Worth going, and indeed Egharevwa’s principal is going nowhere in 2023.

We wish to at this juncture let Martins Aruviere Egharevwa know that we are also religiously keeping records of his defamatory write ups and we will respond appropriately to his attacks and campaign of calumny at the right time While in the mean time we wait for our legal team to advice us on the most appropriate legal steps and actions to be taken, and at the appropriate time too.

In another vein, we wish to use this medium to inform the hopeless Martins Aruviere Egharevwa that, we are coming for him and his paymaster. We shall tell the world what know of him and we shall present our facts to that effect.

Martins Aruviere Egharevwa be guided and be warned!

Comrade Onodarho Esiri
For: Jubilee Media Team.


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