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Terrorism Financing: Emefiele Should Defend Self, Insists Group



DSS Speaks On Invading CBN, Arresting Godwin Emefiele

By Sylvester Idowu in Warri

South South Reawakening Group (SSRG), yesterday insisted that the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Chief Godwin Emefiele should defend himself against terrorism financing allegations against him by the Directorate of State Services (DSS).

The group, one of the foremost pressure groups in the Niger Delta region, in a statement issued and signed by it’s Convener, Joseph Ambakederimo, noted that whatever was alleged by the DSS, Chief Emefiele must be made to clear his name.

“We are not disturbed at the news of the Invitation of the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele by the Directorate of State Services (DSS) as expressed by a section of the polity when the news broke a couple of days back.

“Whatever was alleged by the DSS, Godwin Emefiele must be made to answer to these allegations and clear his name. The allegation of terrorism financing for us is a very grave one which is frowned at in any jurisdiction around the world. Therefore he Emefiele does not have a hiding place after all”, it stated.

SSRG noted that the governor of CBN cannot run away from the terrorism financing allegations against him recalling that such act is a grave offence that no nation tolerate.

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“Wherever Godwin Emefiele is, is not safe for him and this is the reason he must come back home to clear his name once and for all. Issues of terrorism is a grave offence anywhere in the world. No nation will condone such actions when they are raised considering the devastation of terrorism whenever it raises its ugly head.

“Countries are known to take very drastic action against anyone suspected to have engaged in such dastardly acts to forestall destruction of human lives and properties. Therefore, it cannot be different approach in this part of the world. This issue must be decisively dealt with to get to the root of the matter to unearth others involved as he Emefiele cannot be seen to have acted alone. The DSS must identify and bring to book all his collaborators and facilitators”, it added.

Insisting that no one is above the laws of the land no matter how highly placed, SSRG was however against the narrative put out by some people imputing political undertone to what the DSS is pursuing describing it as a figment of the imagination of their fickle minds.

The group said further “Rather than take a binocular look at the allegations these persons tend to trivialize a very serious matter that boarders on our national security on political propaganda built on falsehood.

“Going further Nigerians must understand how to react on issues of National Security. We take exception to the courts impeding the work of a critical security agency. The judge who gave the order must be reprimanded because his actions are inimical to the the overall safety of the nation. Emefiele should be taken in for questioning and if found to be culpable should be made to face the full weight of the law and if otherwise should be set free”, it said.

The group urged the DSS to come out with full disclosure, with the facts, expressing the believe that it’s action must have been done as a responsible organisation that is saddled with the responsibility of keeping the country safe.

“The DSS have the right to take anyone in, to be questioned, without any court orders therefore the action of the DSS approaching a court is counterproductive to the tenets of keeping with the ethos of National Security. The judge ought to know that the matter brought before him boarders on National Security and would have acted to strengthened the hands of the DSS”, it concluded.


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