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US FDA Bans Egusi, Kpomo, Others From Nigeria



US FDA Bans Egusi, Kpomo, Others From Nigeria

By Daniel Dafe

The United States Food and Drug Administration, FDA, has placed a ban on all Egusi (melon Seed), Cow Skin popularly called Kpomo and few other items imported from Nigeria and sold across African Stores in the United State.

An investigative journalist, Jackson Ude, said in a post X Tuesday that an African food retailer at G-Sapphire African Market in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, revealed this to him, adding that officials from the FDA have been cracking down on African stores, seizing and destroying Egusi (Melon seeds), Cow Skin (kpomo) imported from Nigeria.

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He also wrote: “She said FDA officials claimed that laboratory test conducted on the Egusi from Nigeria showed that it contains chemicals that are harmful. Details on the ban on kpomo and others were not immediately available.

“The retailer who would not want her name mentioned said only Egusi (Melon seeds) from Ghana are allowed into the U.S.”


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