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Amnesty: Ex-agitators Renew Threat, Give FG, Dokubo Additional Four Days To Call Back Amnesty Delegates For Training



Don’t Take Our Patience For Granted, We Will Cripple The Nation’s Economy If… 

By Phil Abha

As the four days ultimatum to resume attack in the creek issued to Federal Government of Nigeria and the multinational oil companies operating in the Niger Delta region on the delay of training amnesty delegates by the Presidential Amnesty Office expires today, the ex-agitators have renewed its initial threat issued to strike oil pipelines in additional four days time, if President Muhammadu Buhari refused to address the problem facing amnesty delegates.

The group of delegates in their renewed threat statement today at Warri, said, federal government President Muhammadu Buhari, multinational oil companies and Prof. Charles Dokubo should not take their patience for granted, stressing that they are still equal to the task to carryout destruction of oil pipelines in the creeks in a twinkle of an eye to bring down the nation’s economy.

Speaking to the journalists in Warri today, Mr. Bololo Pude on behalf of the 185 delegates who are entitled to six months training at Izonebi training center, Igando Lagos said, “We decided to extend the date for action to this weekend Friday 19th July, believing that President Muhammadu Buhari has a listening ear and is on top of the matter. We also felt that, Prof. Charles Dokubo is also working out modalities to that effect. It is wise that we give them more time to put things in order for our own good. But be as it may, we urge the federal government and the amnesty office to act fast, and don’t take our patience for granted.”

“Mr. Bololo reiterated: “We are keeping hope alive that, with the extension of additional four working days, the amnesty office would be able to put in place every logistics needed for the training. Therefore, we decided to exercise more little patience to see unfolding development from the amnesty office.”

Meanwhile, if there is any further disappointment from the side of federal government in respect of our training, the world shall bear us witness that we warned Nigeria government; but it seems to take us for granted. And the result from our actions after this ultimatum, the negative effect to our nation’s economy would be very bad and disastrous,” Bololo stated.

Meanwhile, it would be recalled that, on the 24th of June 2019, the Coordinator for training, Presidential amnesty office, Mrs. Enetimi Bonozigha Evah, called amnesty delegates on phone to prepare ahead for amnesty entrepreneur training 15th July, 2019 at Izonebi training center lgando,Lagos.

Thereafter, they were called again on the 8th of July, barely a week to the training and where asked to stay back without any proper information on the reason why they should not go for training.

However, they called on President Muhammadu Buhari, the leadership of the National Assembly and Prof. Charles Dokubo as a matter of urgency to amicably address every lingering problem in the amnesty office, so that the potential delegates could go for training without any further delay, the statement added.

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