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Stop Parading Yourself As ‘President’, Ugbajo Itsekiri USA Warns Onuwaje




*As New President, Toju Ekwejunor-Etchie Takes Charge, Calls For Members’ Unity, Progress

*Says Ugbajo Itsekiri USA Inc To Host Annual Convention September 2021

By Phil Abha, Warri

The Itsekiri apex sociocultural association in the United States of America known as Ugbajo – Itsekiri USA Inc has warned the immediate past president of the Association, Mr. Kingsley Onuwaje to stop forthwith from parading himself as the ‘president’ of the body in any capacity and wherever.

Ugbajo Itsekiri USA in a statement made available to the press by the President, Mr. Toju Ekwejunor-Etchie said; “that Mr. Kingsley Onuwaje led executives
are no longer in office and as such, are not in the capacity to speak for Ugbajo Itsekiri USA Inc. In accordance with Sec VI Para 9 of the Constitution of Ugbajo Itsekiri USA Inc, the previous executives lapsed out of office on Sept 5, 2020 after a second two (2) year term.

“We hereby ask that they cease and desist from parading themselves as executives of Ugbajo Itsekiri USA Inc. The tenure of elected executive officers in Ugbajo Itsekiri USA Inc is two (2) years. The previous executive served 4 years i.e., two (2) terms. They were first elected Sat Sept 3, 2016 – Labor Day weekend- and were re-elected again on Sept 1, 2018 for a second term of two years. At 13:00 EST Sept 5, 2020, their second term expired. Having failed or intentionally refused to plan for the election of new officers, they lapsed out of office.”

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The Ugbajo Itsekiri USA Boss, Mr. Toju Ekwejunor-Etchie who also reacted to a publication by a certain newspaper in Warri calling Mr. Onuwaje the leader of the association describing the “Dr. Omatete activities of the group as illegal.”

The New Ugbajo Itsekiri USA executive headed by their President Mr. Etchie and the entire exco condemned in strong terms the activities of the past president and others aiding the illegal activities of Mr. Onuwaje whose tenure had expired to desist from dragging the body to a mud.

According to the statement by Ugbajo Itsekiri USA, they said thus “On Sept 5, 2020, at a meeting of our full Board of Directors, including Mr. Onuwaje, the Board unanimously agreed to a proposal for our three Patrons (Dr. Omatete, Mr. Eyisan Omagbemi, and Mr. Mac E-Nunu) to form an Interim Management Committee (IC) to manage our affairs until they can arrange an election in January 2021, to hand over to a new Executive in recognition of the limitations of physically gathering during Covid-19 pandemic, on Saturday Jan 16, 2021, like all forward-looking organizations and leaders around the world, Ugbajo Itsekiri USA held its Convention virtually and a new slate of executive officers, led by Mr. Toju Ekwejunor-Etchie FCA, as President was elected.

“Other members of 2020/2022 executive are:

Mrs. Sybil Ereku-Odufu – Vice President M.Sc.

Mrs. Oti Uku-Nwosu – Secretary LLM BL

Mr. Eyeowamisan Kuyatsemi – Treasurer

Mr. Jolomi Odeli – Financial Secretary

Mr. Felix Asagba – Publicity Secretary”.

The Ugbajo Itsekiri USA inc, executive and all its members condemn in strongest terms, the effort to malign the Interim Management Committee led Dr. Oritsegbemi Omatete or cause confusion in the mind of the public.

Head of the interim Management Committee that midwived the affairs to the new executive , Dr. Omatete a retired University Professor of Chemical Engineering and research scientist in the United States and Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers.

They called on Mr. Onuwaje and other members parading as his executive unconstitutionally seeking to remain in office, to cease and desist from their illegal activities and respect elders as well as uphold the constitution and Oath they have sworn to as their tenure had lapsed and it has been publicly declared.

The Ugbajo Itsekiri USA Inc also commended the very law-abiding members of the previous administration who have maintained they are no longer in office. These are the former Vice- President Mrs. Rebecca Begho and the former Secretary, Mr..Goddey Ejuwa. These two former officers, in compliance with our Constitution, since relinquished their position.

“We hope Mr. Onuwaje and the remainder of his colleagues who want to seat tight, will follow suit and adhere to the oath of office they took when they were sworn in to office for the second time in Sept 2018”; Mr. Toju Ekwejunor-Etchie stated .


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