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Zik Gbemre To Okowa’s Aides: Stop The Sycophancy, Allow Deltans Do The Talking On Governor’s Performance



Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, Delta State

By Daniel Dafe, Abraka

An Ughelli-based human rights activist, Zik Gbemre, has adviced aides to the Delta State Governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa to desist from every form of sycophancy, saying this was how Chief James Ibori’s aides dug his grave and since he left office as Governor of Delta State it has been from one issue to the other.

Reacting to a statement by Okowa’s Executive Assistant on Communications (EACGOV), Barr. Fred Latimore that said “Okowa has done so much for Deltans and that his detractors are not fair,” Gbemre said: “The level of sycophancy and praise-singing, which promoted and elevated James Ibori’s ego to become power drunk, and ultimately caused and contributed to his failures, is exactly what has been playing out and repeating itself under the current government of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa.”

Adding: “And just as we can ask, where are those elders and Delta elites that used to praise Ibori? Soon we would ask the same question concerning Okowa in the near future.

“These are my thoughts, whenever I see publicity stunts aimed to sing praises of Governor Okowa by his aides. If only they know the implications of what they are doing right now. All of this commendation of Okowa as a performing Delta State governor are nothing but deceptive and misleading, all of which will not help Okowa one bit.”

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According to Gbemre, “what Okowa needs, and what will help him, is to hear the blunt and bitter truth, so as to help him leave a good legacy that will outlive him in years to come.”

The rights activist continued: “Please, I beg those sycophants and praise singers around Governor Okowa as his political and media aides of one thing or the other, to play it down with the sycophancy because they are really not helping him. I understand they are just doing their job, and to be in the good books of Okowa, but they should also apply wisdom and be diplomatic in the way they relate the truth to their boss.”

“The life without immunity is just around the corner for Governor Okowa, hence it is time for him to ensure he does the right thing as expected, and not these useless praises that will not do him any good. If there should be any sort of praises, it should come from the majority of the people of the Delta State, and not the Governor and his aides praising themselves,” Gbemre added.


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