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Dikio, Amnesty Administrator Receives May 18 Protest Notice From Amnesty Generals



Executive Members of Presidential Amnesty Programme Phase 3 in a Group photograph shortly after the meeting where the crucial decision of protest notice was issued on Friday, May 14 2021

By Wilson Macaulay

Ex Agitators (Generals and Leaders) of Presidential Amnesty Phase 3 over five hundred and sixty two in attendance drawn from Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Edo, Delta, Rivers and Ondo States of the Niger Delta region have issued May 18th “Protest Notice” to Col. Milland Dixon Dikio, the Presidential Amnesty Interim Administrator to schedule an emergency stakeholders Meeting in Delta State to address what they called critical issues of verification to ascertain that the amnesty office is dealing with the authentic
leaders who voluntarily surrendered their arms and ammunition to the Federal Government.
The Leaders of the Presidential Amnesty Phase 3 from six states of the Niger Delta region in a well attended meeting held in Warri Delta State made available a ratified official statement to selected journalist, in which they demanded that the Amnesty Interim Administrator, should immediately commence the Leaders Training and Empowerment and the approval of slots for their boys (foot soldiers) who are already feeling betrayed by their leaders just because the Amnesty office left them in the dark without any plausible explanation.

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General Ogidigba Godstime, the Spokesman, Presidential Amnesty Phase 3 Programme, General Oloye, aka Ofovwi Clement, Coordinator, General Bush Prince Efe, Chairman Planning Committee, General Harvest Duku, Planning Committee Adviser, who spoke during the media interactive session concurred in their various reactions as they make bold to say in clear terns that: “If the Amnesty office under the leadership of Col. Milland Dixon Dikio Rtd, fail to take proper steps on or before 18th of May 2021 to call for a meeting with us, we the leaders of the Presidential Amnesty Phase 3 Programme both documented and undocumented will Carry out a peaceful Protest by blocking the East West road starting from Patani in Delta State General Jessey Birinimughan, General Perry Muayor, Secretary Planning Committee General Kingsley Silo,and General Lucky Origbo, who also made their contributions, lamented saying: “We are taking this action to let Nigerians and the whole world to know the inhuman treatment given to us after laying down our arms for the growth and development of Nigeria.”

General Samson Akoke Awe, General Covwoder Saaley, General Aghilo, in their own speech made an appeal to the Delta State Government thus: “Based on the exigencies of the issues at stake, we are calling on Governor Okowa of Delta State as the Chief Security Officer of the State to look at the matter with an eagle eye and empower the Phase 3 Presidential Amnesty Leaders in Delta State as we have been left in the lurch .”

General Joseph Jericho Akpos, Financial Secretary, Planning Committee, General Okpodu Emmanuel,2nd Adviser, General John Ologen, and General Ogaga Ivwromon in their own speech,
recalled bitterly that when Phase one and two surrendered their arms their leaders were trained and empowered, stressing that failure of the Amnesty office to do the right and needful thing will lead to chaos which is against the spirit and letters of the Amnesty Programme.

General Wilson Korofa, General Kenneth Kpea, General Aboy General Ijiye Kelvin
who made a strong case for the undocumented leaders said: The Amnesty Interim Administrator should use the instruments of his good office to document the leaders that are yet to be documented in the interest of fairplay, Justice and equity.

The statement conclusively reaffirmed that the Protest notice for May 18 will go ahead unless Col. Milland Dixon Dikio, the Amnesty Interim Administrator calls the meeting as requested in our communique to address the aforesaid issued as spelt out in our demands.


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