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Amb Agberen To Olu Of Warri: Don’t Be Distracted By Frivolities, Focus On The Protection, Promotion Of Historical Culture of Iwere Land



By Oguns Sammy (Warri)

The Vice Chairman of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR), Delta State branch and Human Right Activist, Comrrade(Amb) Derrick Oritsematosan Agberen, has charged the newly installed 21st Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse lll, His Royal Majesty Utieyinoritsetsola Emiko, to look beyond the disagreements among some persons in the Kingdom as they are bent on thwarting the efforts of the entire Warri Kingdom but that he should focus on the protection, promotion of the historical culture and increase wealth and trade of the kingdom.

Comrade (Amb) Agberen stated this over the weekend in a chat with newsmen in his office.

While congratulating the King for ascending the throne, he said the king’s reign marks a new beginning in lwere land, saying, he would reign in good health, sound mind, riches and peace.

He said: “Your reign marks the dawn of a new beginning in lwere land in good health, riches and peace.”

Comrade (Amb) Agberen who is an indigene of Itsekiri and hails from both Ugborodo and Ugbori communities (the descendant of Ayomike and Orugboh) said the king should take good care of the poor by redistributing the tributes paid so as to make all benefit from his reign, adding that this is the ideal monarchical structure.

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The human rights activist charged the Ogiame Atuwatse lll, the Olu of Warri, HRM Tsola Emiko to uphold justice in all circumstances even if it goes against himself or the people who are close and dear to him as justice denied in any kingdom disrupts the peace of that kingdom.

He said: “Our king should uphold justice in all circumstances even if it goes against own-self or the ones near and dear to him as justice denied in any kingdom tends to disrupt peace of that kingdom.”

Comrade (Amb) Agberen admonished the king to overlook the disagreements in the land among few persons and focus on what would bring growth, development and peace to the people just as he stressed the importance of HRM to strengthen the unity of the people by reaching the aggrieved and bring them to the fold, adding that a king is respected when he is peaceful with his subjects.

He said: “The king should use his wealth of experience to reach the aggrieved in the kingdom, harmonise them and chat a way forward because a king is respected when he is peaceful with his subjects both home and abroad.”

The human rights activist prayed that the king would reign in peace and bring the needed growth and development to the people.

He used the medium to sue for the cooperation of itsekiri sons and daughters both at home and abroad especially the aggrieved in way or the other to forgo grudges and work with the king to move the kingdom forward as”united we stand and divided we fall.”

He said the land is full of opportunities which, when harnessed, would bring the speedy growth, development and peace to the kingdom for the benefit of all.


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