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Shortage Of Industries, Cause Of Rampant Criminality In Sapele — Abeke Babuba



By Joe Aminah.

Former Director, Nigerian Army Pension, Chief (Lt Col,) Moses Abeke Babuba has blamed the involvement of youths in alleged cyber related offences as a result of closure of companies while expectation of new ones is difficult to predict owing to insecurity situation in the country at large.

Chief Babuba, who is a new entrant into the Okpe Traditional of Chiefs, while blaming leaders of Sapele community for allowing companies to move out and others fold up, lamented that the unemployment the dearth of industries in Sapele, gave room for youths desperation to cater for themselves in cyber and other related crimes.

Chief ( Lt Col,) Moses Abeke Babuba, rtd, who spoke to journalists in Sapele, stated that stakeholders and elders in Sapele community have roles to play in stemming the unemployment surge in the locality by creating conductive environment for industries, which will go a long way to sustain a larger percentage of the youths that are into cyber crimes and related vices they are accused of by security operatives.

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Chief Abeke- Babuba however winked at the manner of arrest, as he said, that arresting a young man because he is driving a flashy car, does not give him away as a criminal, further explaining that since nobody came forward to accuse the alleged suspect such of incriminating claims of been robbed or duped, such arrest is questionable.

There must be proof of arresting anyone on a criminal offence if there is a complain or complains against such person, to the police.

On the rampant killings by alleged cultists, the “Ogiribo of Okpe Kingdom” observed that those killing others, know why they are killing them, while those being killed know why they are being targeted for kill.
He said, many offenders, may find it difficult to forgive after they have been short-changed, bethrayed or cheated by their partners in crime.

Chief Babuba concluded, saying, that while the police and other law enforcement agents are doing their best in curtailing these evil tendencies among the youths, the young men in the community have a duty to imbibe an orientation of moving beyond their place of birth to other shores in the country for quality education, sound training and better employment rather than focus on Sapele and its locality alone.

The articulate retired military officer while advising youths on the need for adventurism, quoted Korean proverbs which say, “A real man does not seek his ambition in a little pond” and “You can’t have glory until you have tasted humiliations”


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