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FG Assures Civil Servants OF Payment Of Salaries



President Muhammadu Buhari

The Nigerian government said it attaches great importance to the welfare of its workers, especially the payment of their wages.

Presidential Spokesman, Garba Shehu gave the assurance on Thursday, in an interview with Voice of Nigeria.

He however, debunked the claims making the rounds in some quarters that public servants will not get paid in December.

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“I have not been briefed about this issue but what I can tell you is that nobody takes the issue of payment of salaries more seriously than President Muhammadu Buhari. To give you an example, only two weeks ago or so, the National Economic Council announced that the President had approved this huge amount of money over N18 billion to each state of the federation to take care of outstanding pensions and salaries.

“So, logically speaking, if the President will help States to pay; he has done this many times, from 2015, he saw it as a national crisis. He did this kind of support to States not less than three times before this one,” Shehu stated.

He stressed that people, especially government public servants, should not be upset but remain calm, as their salaries would be paid.

“So, if he will help States to pay, why would President Buhari decline to pay salaries? For the President, salary is so important that he is looking beyond the federal government and he is holding the hands of the States to join him in doing so, please, people should not be unnecessarily upset,” he added.


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