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Why Ethiope East Delegates Need To Vote For Chief Mrs Faith Majemite




Nigeria as a country is desperately in need of more women in government. The State and its political institutions cannot grow when half the population is being left behind. What’s more? New leadership and the fresh approach to leadership that women like Chief (Mrs) Faith Majemite would bring could be the best hope of improving lawmaking’ and quality of life, combatting the entrenched corruption that so many link to the country’s leadership today.

For women, democracy is moving backward. The dwindling number of women in politics in Nigeria is alarming. Since Nigeria re-established democracy in 1999, the ninth national assembly in Nigeria showed a decline in female representation in political offices to the point where today it ranks among the bottom 10% of countries in the world. Its female representation in parliament is about 6% nationwide. The country has seven female senators, 11 house of representative members, three deputy governors, and seven women appointed as ministers. In comparison to the 24.5% global average representation of women in national governments.

Let me begin to say Nigeria is blessed with an abundance of competent female leaders to draw from. Historically, Nigerian women have proven that they are effective leaders in various capacities, from the likes of Funmilayo Anikulapo Kuti who fought for the rights of women to vote and became the first woman to be appointed to the Western house to Dora Akunyili, the former director-general of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control of Nigeria who worked tirelessly against counterfeit drugs in Nigeria.

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In recent decades, the contributions of Nigerian women have been stronger in the corporate world, sports, and entrepreneurship. In the corporate world, women represent 23.4 percent of board seats available in the top 20 companies in Nigeria. Women have excelled in sports with the likes of Ese Brume winning numerous medals in long jump in both African and global competitions and Chioma Ajunwa, the first Nigerian to win a gold medal at the Olympics. According to Global entrepreneurship monitor, 2021, Nigeria has the highest number of female entrepreneurs per capita in the world. The saying that “necessity is the mother of invention” has driven much of this performance.

These are just a few examples; most people already benefit from women’s leadership. They trust their mothers, sisters, daughters, aunties, wives implicitly and entrust them with critical and important issues. As Nigeria continues to battle with insecurity, economic despair, social safety deficiencies, divide across multiple lines ranging from religion, ethnicity to resources, Nigeria has never been in more dire need of female inclusion in leadership and stirring Nigeria in the direction of peace, unity, and growth.

This is not just an emotional argument about numbers, it is backed by evidence. Women at national and subnational levels all over the world mounted more effective COVID-19 responses in contrast to several male leaders who had hypermasculine bravado and slapdash decision-making ranging from disbelief to dismissal of the pandemic.

Women leaders prioritized and attended to the needs of marginalized groups demonstrating resilience, resolve, and resourcefulness. Studies have also shown that due to differences in lived experience and/or pathways to political power, women legislators or executive officials are more likely to prioritize education, health, social assistance, and the needs of marginalized groups more than their male counterparts. Simply put, getting more women into political offices doesn’t only benefit women, it benefits everyone and the country.

Let us, all the citizens of these country (Nigeria) make the 35% aspiration of women representation in politics happen, by electing Chief Mrs Faith Majemite ,( Ethiope East ) to represent the people of Ethiope East constituency at the Delta State House of Assembly, Chief Mrs Shimite Bello, Oshimili North Constituency and Rt. Hon.Evelyn Oboro for House of Representatives to represent the good people of OSU. Lets go beyond and cast our votes and support for these qualified female aspirants.

Break the bias, be ready to vote for the female aspirants in your vicinity and provide the much-needed support to ensure fair representation for all.


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