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NAPPS Suspends Vice Chairman In Delta



Fuel Subsidy Removal Will Compel School Owners To Increase Fees --NAPPS President

By Daniel Dafe

The National Association of Proprietors of Private Sçhools (NAPPS), Delta State, on Saturday suspended the Vice Chairman of the Association in the state, Comrade Austin Onodarho.

According to a memo to members signed by Deacon Monday Ifoghere on Saturday, NAPPS said that “the events unfolding since the commencement of the Electoral process in the state has been quite revealing.”

“Comrade Austin ONODARHO, the Outgoing State Vice Chairman, has let hell loose with some of his unguarded utterances against individuals, constituted authorities and the very body of NAPPS Nigeria.

“Space will fail us to narratte some of his unbecoming behavior which is not expected of a school owner and a state Officer. He never sees anything good about his leaders whether in the present or in the past.

“He went through the Delta North Primary election and he got zero vote. He protested the outcome of that primary elections and we ask him to make himself available for screening at the State Electoral Committee. He was disqualified for obvious reasons which himself attested to. He is not a financial member, He could not prove that his school is in a permanent site, he does not attend nor participate in National program and activities because he does not believe in NAPPS agenda

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“This morning, he announced in the State platform that since he did not emerge as the new State Chairman Elect, he has gone ahead to open his own private school association.

“This is contrary to the NAPPS Constitution 2017 edition. You can not have dual membership in NAPPS i.e you cannot belong to two private schools associations at the same time.

“The penalty for this is suspension and summary dismissal from the association.”

“As a result of the foregoing, Comrade Austin ONODARHO, the outgoing State Vice Chairman is hereby removed from office and suspended from the National Association of Proprietors of Private Sçhools NAPPS Delta State till further notice.*
Any member or chapter dealing with him in the name of NAPPS does so at his or her own risk. Oshimili South Chapter Executives please take note.

“NAPPS is an organized institution of organized individuals who are out to build disciplined future generations,” the statement said.


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