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Why Nigeria Seems Not To Be Working- Umukoro




The Publisher of Oasis Magazine,  Daniel Dafe Umukoro, has said that despite frantic efforts by those in the corridors of power to move Nigeria forward, it seems not to be working, saying that for Nigeria to make headway as a nation, citizens must change their orientation towards governance.

He also called on the proponents of restructuring to restructure their minds before talking about political restructuring by denouncing acts that promote disunity in the lines of religion, ethnicity and politics.

Dafe, who stated this in Abraka during the celebration of the 4th anniversary of Oasis Magazine, noted that Nigerians must have a mindset change if the nation must make reasonable progress.

He said : ” Our orientation towards everything must change. Our national anthem says so much, but means so little to us. You can imagine the level of hate speeches made by Nigerians on the social media and other avenues, many times directed at leaders. Only patriotism can move our nation forward.”

” Although, many political leaders in the country claim to be patriots, whereas they are mere business men whose sole purpose is to make a meal from government coffers.”

On the fight against corruption, the publisher said : ” The Economic Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC,  Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC and other agencies involved in the fight against corruption and broadcasting agencies must sit up and cleanse our dear country.

” Agencies charged with the responsibility of fighting corruption must not be perceived to be involved in a selective fight (selective justice) and avoid media trial forthwith. On their part, broadcasting agencies must also censor the music vedios, songs and films that are allowed to go to public domain.”

He argued that, in recent times, failure on the part of the broadcasting agencies to checkmate these trends, has brought about an increase in immorality across the country, even as he called on the broadcasting agencies to do the needful with a view to stem the ugly tide.

Presenting a paper titled, ” Restructuring Nigeria’s Value System and the Way Forward”, Engr. Godwin Imarah, emphasized that political restructuring without restructuring the nations value system would do the country no good.

He said : ” Every Nigerian should proudly perceive each other first as a Nigerian  and down play regional or tribal identity; we should display a good level of diligence, dignity of labour, integrity and total submission to the rule of law, no matter how highly placed an individual is.”

While expressing satisfaction over the aggressive manner with which the Federal Government was going about its campaign against corruption, Imarah said although  it has made progress in the area of recovered loots from looters, it was not enough.

He urged the government to put looters behind bars for some years and be treated as common criminals who have deprived others of their right to decent living to serve as deterrent to those nursing the intention of toeing this inglorious path.

The keynote speaker also called for the arrest of sympathizers and praise singers of corrupt persons to be made to face the wrath of the law as well.


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