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Insecurity: Cleric Calls For Reorganization Of Security Architecture



Pastor Daniel Umukoro

President of Success Life Mega Church, Abraka, and Publisher of Oasis Magazine (OM), Pastor Daniel Umukoro, has called for the reorganization of the nation’s security architecture, saying that this will make the country to overcome her security challenges.

Umukoro, who said this in an interview in Abraka, maintained that the handling of security situations by the present government do not give any individual or group assurance of a secured nation.

He posited that the issue of fighting insecurity in any part of the country must be the collective responsibility of all and sundry.

He said: ” Federal security architecture as organised and operated by the present government cannot give any individual or group hope, in fact; the lives of Nigerians are under threat on daily basis.

“Our destiny is in our own hands. In reforming and restructuring, security architecture, structure and arrangement must devolve more security responsibility on the community, local and state authorities.”

“Unfortunately, we have recently observed from some writers on the security situation in the North, the feeling or attitude of ‘it serves them right’. We must not gloat at the difficulties or misfortune of others, rather we must empathize because as a Christian or Muslim, you are supposed to be your brothers’ keepers.”

“Wherever there is insecurity in Nigeria, it must be of concern to all of us. I believe it should be ‘we are all in one bad boat and we must put all hands on deck to fix it’.
Maybe now that we are all feeling the pinch, the collective fixing will be understood and be easy to accomplish.”

The cleric added: “Insecurity in any form and in any part of Nigeria is insecurity for us all. I have also heard it nuanced that the ‘North’ will not make the mistake of Jonathan again, meaning no Southerner will be seen as President of Nigeria again. And, of course, no Middle-Belter! What a dangerous and destructive idea and position for anybody to take! Such notion will prove those who regard 1914 as a mistake correct. But pursuing such an agenda may unleash colossal insecurity and violence of unimaginable proportion on the country. I know, for sure, it was such mentality that permanently divided Sudan.”

“We are all challenged to put our thinking caps on, join hands and seek solution together to insecurity, otherwise we will be destroyed. There is no time to stand and stare or just to continue to call on governments that are ineffective.”

“Let us take initiative and spearhead actions that will involve governments and the governed and will devolve security architecture, apparatus, arrangement and responsibility in subsidiarity.”

“Papering over the obvious cracks in Nigeria’s polity is not the answer, tearing up or seeking disintegration is also not the solution, remaining silent makes us accomplices and irresponsibly so”.

“The solution lies in men and women imbued with courage, nationalism, patriotism, commitment, foresight and love in critical mass, to spearhead the crusade for new Nigeria.

“Delay is postponing the evil day. Failure to act now will lead to more frustration, greater despair and larger mentality and feeling that may lead to action of ‘break it all up’. May God forbid that! And may God, who I have always described as a Nigerian, save Nigeria. But we should be mindful that God’s patience has limit of elasticity. Hence, we must not continue to tempt Him,” he opined.

Umukoro equally called for reform of the basic structure of Nigeria’s federating units, saying that there is need for the repositioning of the country for the purpose of unity, equity, competence, good governance, security, stability, healthy competition, justice, fast socio-economic development and as well make Nigeria undisputed regional leader.

“As a regional leader, Nigeria must always be at the table and be an effective contributor to global decision-making process and adequately share in worldwide division of labour and global resources,” he averred.


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