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Delta 2023: Opposition Of Edevbie’s Guber Ambition By Okowa Is A Reflection Of Massive Hate –Group



By Daniel Dafe

A political support group, Edevbie Manifestoes Promoters, backing the ambition of Olorogun David Edevbie to take over from Governor Ifeanyi Okowa in Delta State, come 2023, has alleged that the Ika-born politician is working to stop their most popular principal from emrging as the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Speaking to journalists on Sunday, Coordinator of the group, Emmanuel Edevbie, said that David Edevbie risked his life as Commissioner and as Chief of Staff for six calendar years while working for the governor and beside also protected the governor’s interest when need arose despite the hate, adding that Okowa’s opposition of Edevbie’s ambition is a reflection of massive hate.

In his words: “It is paramount and important that one has to speak at this moment and it has become a great concern for us. How did Edevbie David manage to work with Okowa with this obvious hate that Okowa has for him? It is obvious that while allowing David work with him, he considered him as an enemy.

“The question now is why a man you so much hate be appointed by you to be a Commissioner. He helped your government and because of his massive support and good performance, you reappointed him as your Chief of Staff with Pretentious love. This shows that David Edevbie is a man who can work and deliver perfectly under any circumstance. However we gave thanks to God for protecting the likes of David.

“Okowa used David to drive his Government to success line and now wants to pay back with evil because of 2015, forgetting that he also contested with Chief Emmanuel Udugha then.

“Okowa started canvassing for David Edevbie by singing praises of his performance while in Office as Commissioner and Chief of Staff just to play God and deceive the masses.

“He pretended giving innocent David Edevbie hope and assurance and even doing Champaign for him on different occasions where Okowa described him as a gentle man who has worked for his good reputation.

“Okowa once said David Edevbie’s excellent economic experience has assisted him in building his government and he has carved a good name for himself and having someone as David to represent Delta Central qualifies Delta Central to occupy the position of the governor in 2023.

“But it is a shock to our nerves of the numerous rumours making round that Okowa is working against David. At first it was aired that Okowa endorsed Sheriff, which he denied. He instructed council Chairmen and leaders of the PDP to work against UPU’s decision, invited councilors to Asaba to work for Sheriff and parted them with N50,000 for transport. Okowa is punching hard to clear Sheriff despite his questionable academic history and same Okowa was also said to have invited ex-chairmen of the party for same purpose.”

He continued: “Okowa recently in Sapele stood before the altar of God and promised he will never impose any candidate on Deltans.

“If Governor Okowa is not playing God, then what are the invitations of councilors, LGA Chairmans and ex chairmen for or are they invited for same promise made in various altars?

He called on the party delegates to note “that the interest of Okowa cannot be more paramount than that of Deltans,” saying that “Deltans are speaking in volume and yearning for a technocrat to pilot the management of Delta state government.”

“We are also surprised that Okowa failed to acknowledge the huge efforts of David Edevbie to his Government which he has asserted in his numerous statements or is Okowa in two forms? From the numerous rumours and if truly found out to be real, then Okowa is scared of David Edevbie over his sincerity on financial management and he thinks some of his improper dealings and transactions will be uncovered, if not why the massive hate and ganging up against David?

“It saddens our heart each time Governor Okowa is mentioned in social media for one rumor or the other.”

“Deltans expected Okowa to remain neutral and finish strong rather than becoming a deciding factor of who becomes his successor,” he said.

Speaking on the agenda of David Edevbie on economic management and other viable developmental plans for Deltans, he said “it cannot be handled like a pinch of salt but with serious care.”

The group called on Okowa “to come out clean in all the allegations making rounds in social media and maintain his recent and repeated promise that he has no agenda to impose anyone on Deltans and remain a general gentle man he claims to be as gentle men and honest men are known by words of their mouth.”

According to him, “though, it is human nature, we have no doubt that humans are wicked and are ready to do otherwise if care is not taken. We are highly disappointed about the rumour going round about the person of Governor Okowa. We expected him to act as a father to all aspirants rather than acting in disguise against some aspirants. It is so painful that the one who has promised us free and fair primary election is already doing something different.”

“We are calling on Deltans to be very careful with politicians because they have become the most dangerous creatures on earth. If not, why would someone that you appointed, worked with you; one you have showed so much trust in become your worst enemy?

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“We are also calling on Deltans to be very careful with people who make promises but cannot keep them. People like Okowa have failed to keep the words of their mouth and should never be taken serious. Yes, we have good men in politics but people like Governor Okowa have made Deltans to feel disaffection towards politicians and the leaders.

“Okowa is using the instrument of state to discourage other aspirants who are not his favorite and despite that he and David became friends as he said after 2015 election. A good friend and like biological brothers he described David. Okowa has been able to prove to us that he is not a gentleman. He is not someone that says something and acts accordingly.

“He said he was-going to consult God to know his successor. But, yet he is inviting the councilors to work against other aspirants. His prayers cannot be answered because he is playing God,” he added.


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