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Fake Traditional Ruler, Francis Oduwanor Sought For Impersonation, Causing Intercommunal War In Otulu Ogwashi-Uku



Fake Traditional Ruler, Francis Oduwanor Sought For Impersonation, Causing Intercommunal War In Otulu Ogwashi-Uku

The Delta State Police Headquarters are on a manhunt for Francis Odiakose (aka) Francis Oduwanor who has been parading himself as the traditional ruler of a non existent kingdom, Otulu which is actually part of Ogwashi-Uku Kingdom.

Francis Odiakose apparently and unilaterally last October 2021 declared himself to be the traditional ruler of Otulu which is part of Ogwashi-Uku Kingdom.

According to the Okwabani (chief) of Edo Ogwashi-Uku, Chief Onyema Igbokei, Francis Odiakose took it upon himself to declare himself a traditional ruler and has since been terrorising the entire Otulu and Edo Communities.

He has surrounded himself with IPOB members who he is using to cause mayhem and in the process has shot not less than 3 people in the communities.

He is chasing community members away from their farmlands and is selling all their community land whilst bragging about government and law enforcement connections and bragging about settling everyone with proceeds from his illegal land sales.

Chief Onyema Igbokei also stated that when the situation became out of control, he and other elders in the community had to appeal directly to the Obi of Ogwashi-Uku who is in the traditional ruler of the entire area.

It was based on the petitions from the Traditional ruler and representations made to the state government that warrants were issued for the arrest of Francis Odiakose.

It is understood that crack detectives from the State command with the authorisation of the CP of Delta State, CP Ari Ali attempted to arrest Francis Odiakose on Tuesday, 14th June, 2022 in Asaba but were unable as the fugitive slipped away dressed as a woman.

The police however were able to recover the White Lexus vehicle that he has been using with the plate number bearing ‘Obi of Otulu Ugo’.

The Delta State police have confirmed that the State Government and Aniocha South Local Government have written to them very clearly stating that Otulu Ogwashi is part of Ogwashi-Uku Kingdom and is under the rulership of the Obi of Ogwashi-Uku HRM Obi Ifechukuwde Aninshi Okonjo II.

With these confirmations from various government agencies, the police are stepping up their manhunt for Francis Odiakose and his accomplices.

Just two weeks ago, in a video that was sighted by our reporter that has gone viral, Francis and his brother, Christopher Odiakose took two elder members (Diokpas) of the Otulu Ogwashi-Uku community and put them in a soakaway pit.

Whilst they were in the pit, they poured hot water with pepper mixed in the water on the old men because they claimed the Diokpas had taken Francis and his brother to court.

The Diokpas in the community had apparently been crying out because they had been forcefully evicted by Francis and his brother Christopher who sold their homes to land speculators.

When Francis and his brother refused to return the property, the Diokpas briefed a lawyer who filed an action against Francis and Christoper Odiakose at the Akwukwu Igbo High Court. For their temerity in filing action against them, Francis and his brother Christopher Odiakose put them in the soakaway pit.

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Our reporter has also confirmed that four of the members of the gang including the notorious IPOB members, Josiah Aja Onyedikachukwu and Chibuzor Anayo have already been arrested and charged in charge number MO/67/2022 for armed robbery and attempted murder of members of the Otulu and Edo Ogwashi-Uku community. They are currently remanded in the Ogwashi-Uku prison awaiting trial.

The Okwabani of Edo Ogwashi-Uku has appealed to the police command to step up their efforts to apprehend the suspects. He expressed appreciation to the CP Delta and State government officials for the efforts so far and like Pontius Pilate for washing their hands off Francis Odiakose and making it clear that they will not condone his illegal activities.

He stated that the said Francis Odiakose is a thug who was a youth leader in Otulu Ogwashi-Uku, sayimg that he didn’t even graduate from primary school.

According to him, he specialises in terrorism and even as we speak attacked the Akwukwu Igbo community when he tried to seize their land. This attack he said led to the death of two community members.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the Ogwashi-Uku Youth Development Association has vowed to forcefully remove Francis Odiakose and his gang members from Otulu.

Rising from a meeting last week, the umbrella youth body for Ogwashi-Uku youth lamented at the state of affairs in Otulu.

They stated in a letter written to the Obi of Ogwashi-Uku that they will be forced to take matters in their hands if the police do not take concrete steps against Francis Odiakose urgently.

In a discussion with Comrade Stanley Chiedu, he stated as follows ‘nobody has any monopoly of violence.

In his words: “We have been respectful because our King is very educated and has asked us to allow the police to do their work. We cannot however wait forever. How can a young man who is not from Ogwashi-Uku come into our community at Otulu and declare himself a traditional ruler? Francis is a small boy that we all know and he is not from Ogwashi. He is using his criminal gang to attack and cause mayhem in our community. We have all that it takes to deal with this situation and we will remove him if government doesn’t act. The insult is too much and has gone on for too long.”


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