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Chief Okpako Celebrates Birthday, Says God’s Mercy Kept Him



Chief Okpako Celebrates 62nd Birthday, Says God’s Mercy Kept Him

By Daniel Dafe

Chief Kingsley Okpako popularly known as Kuti, on Thursday, 18th August, 2022, celebrated his 62nd birth anniversary amongst family members, friends and well wishers.

Speaking to journalists, the celebrant, said: “The remaining part of my life, I am living It for my wife who has been there for me through thick and thin and my last born son who I must reap the fruit of my labour because he is the son of my old age. I am just being blunt here. I am not saying this as a will.”

He added: “I am alive today not because I am too strong, but because of his divine and infinite mercy. What humans are saying is meant for destruction God can turn it around.”

According to him, having lived in Lagos for 35years, this is the first time he marked his birthday in Abraka.

He continued: “Life has been smooth and rough. For good to be good it has to pass through a process. Where I am going to on planet earth is closer than where I am coming from. I know of my health status and I know of my position on planet earth and I know that all is well with me.

“This year 2022 is so special because by 2023, God is ushering me into a brand new life. If a snake changes skin, it becomes brand new. So am changing my skin in 2022 and in 2023 I am coming with a very smart move.”

Furthermore, he recalled how he had to change his English name from “Independent” because every time he mentioned it, everybody knew the year he was born, saying that was how he started answering Kingsley.

The chief wished himself more good health, grace, divine favour and wisdom.

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Asked what his advice was to those looking up to him, he quoted from the Holy Bible- “If they be willing and obedient, they shall eat the good of the land.”

In his words, “So my advice for them is to be willing and obedient because it is they themselves that will ask themselves if they are willing to do this thing? Do I have the courage and grace to carry on? So, if being willing is the first part, the second part is being obedient; then you will eat the fruits of the land.”

“Nigeria is blessed; so it pains me to my marrow when someone says that there is no Job in Nigeria because it is not true. Nigeria is so blessed physically, mentally, spiritually, financially and in every sphere of life.”

Chief Okpako was born August 18, 1960.


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