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Chico Ejiro’s Son Dies Months After Nollywood Director’s Death



Several months after the death of experienced and versatile Nollywood Director, Chico Ejiro, his last son, Viano, has died.

The late Viano died after battling cancer for years. It was Viano’s ailment that his father devoted his life and resources to his treatment.

Viano’s mother, Joy Chico Ejiro, also played her part. She moved to the US to get the best health care for her son who was diagnosed with cancer related ailments while still a toddler.

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Unfortunately, the young warrior passed on Monday, 15 November, 2021 less than 11 months after his father’s death.

Chico Ejiro died on Christmas day, Dec. 25, 2020, of complications related to high blood pressure.


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